Rock band MYLO BYBEE are set to release their debut full-length album, Master & Machine, on July 14th via ZMI Arcadia Records and, today, have unveiled both the title track and B-side “Fade Me Out.”

MYLO BYBEE is riding the coattails of their successful self-titled EP released in 2021 and are following it up with their debut, full-length. Master & Machine was tracked at the Tonic Room, recording and mastering studios in Boise, Idaho. This is the second time around that MYLO BYBEE has worked with Tonic Room, which has recorded some major acts, including Built to Spill, Queens of the Stone Age, Josh Ritter, and more. Tracking ten songs on this album was spread over a period of about seven in-studio days total. Lead vocalist and guitarist Tyler comments:

“Jason [Ringelstetter] really leaves nothing up to the imagination, and he pulls out all the stops to ensure that you were leaving with literally the best quality that he could possibly produce.”

The vibe of the Tonic Room really matches that of the band. It’s easygoing, welcoming, judgment-free environment that really brings out our artistic capabilities. The songs that went into the studio were much better when we came out.

Tyler adds more context”

“My favorite part about tracking a Tonic Room is there is a room set up that has wall-to-wall amps, my pick of effects pedals and several guitars to test and try out. So I was in my happy place for a lot of the time testing out all sorts of different sounds that match our vibe. It allowed me to experience other guitar tones to really brings our sound to fruition. Additionally, as a vocalist of things in a very high octave typically, Jason is a master at pairing me with the correct microphone that complements my voice. When tracking songs, I think recording vocals is my favorite part.”

Master & Machine was mixed and mastered at Area 18 and Abbey Road Studios in London.

Mylo Bybee ‘Master & Machine’ album artwork
Mylo Bybee ‘Master & Machine’ album artwork

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