All of those sad songs that you cling onto, you can file them away today because Mantraband has arrived!

Not that there’s anything wrong with those depressing jams, but Mantraband is a unit that is always in for a good time, and that good time today is their new single “No Need To Hide” and its accompanying music video. It’s off of their new self-titled full-length effort, a nice little snippet of the sing-along, danceable grooves that Mantraband are becoming known for, a band that knows how to have a good time and wants you to join in on the party.

Discussing “No Need To Hide” and its music video, synth and trumpet player Sari Breznau states:

“We had a blast making this video. The song is about showing up as your true, authentic self, rather than hiding behind some watered down, more palatable version of yourself that you present to the world, believing your true self to be unacceptable. To represent that concept we made literal masks and ran around the city having random strangers wear them while going about their daily business. The Home Depot guy was especially fun, he really got into it! The car is a cardboard replica of the car Sari had in college, a butterscotch colored Toyota Corona wagon.”

It might be work, but recording a record should be fun, and Mantraband very much was a good time for all parties involved. It took time; up to two years of jams were compiled, but a bevy of fun instrumental tracks were laid down, forming this album’s framework. To maximize their productivity, the recording process was very free-flowing, with it being mostly a lighthearted affair where mistakes were made, fun was in the air, and it all contributed to the final product, a grouping of songs that will put you in a good mood.

Mantraband describes themselves as shamelessly positive, a musical movement meant to uplift, unite, and groove. There’s a heavy helping of disco within their sound, reminiscent of Donna Summer in her heyday, and a steadfast attitude to keep things fun and easygoing. Based out of Seattle, the band started when some members began sharing mantras for getting through the day during a stressful evening driving to Oregon in the rain. They filled out a notebook of ideas, many of the ridiculous variety, but the groundwork was laid; long-form dance jams, sing-along mantras, and a dancefloor-oriented feeling. It’s all so present on Mantraband, an album that should put a big smile on your face and maybe put a spring in your step.

Mantraband Track Listing:

1. No Need To Hide
2. Great Stuff
3. Not My Shit
4. B.D.B.V.
5. To Be Free
6. Better Together
7. Don’t Push The River
8. Everywhere Is Beauty
9. This
10. Zunastra

Mantraband ‘Mantraband’ album artwork
Mantraband ‘Mantraband’ album artwork