It’s probably not much of a surprise that a song called “Whiskey Breath” is as intoxicating as what Last Planet has served up here with their brand-new single. The band is aiming for a big 2023, and they have started it off right with this track and their other recent single, “Picture of Us.”

“Whiskey Breath” is everything that a Last Planet song sets out to be; it features soulful, gritty vocals, it is melodic, it has a certain seductive sound and a trancey, melodic groove that’s accentuated by some very soulful electric guitar playing. You throw in some sassy saxophone and lyrics that allude to the mischievous side of the nightlife, and you got one sexy track.

Discussing what inspired this song, lead singer Albero Berul says:

“My wife coerced me into watching 50 Shades of Gray, which I needed bourbon to get through. But I discovered that the soundtrack was killer; mysterious, dramatic, sexy… I had never really written anything in that mood before. I sat at my little home studio, noodled around on my bass and while trying to add some overdrive I accidentally loaded a sequencer plug-in. That became pulsating ‘wobble-bass’ that is the backbone of ‘Whiskey Breath.’”

Female lead vocalist Rai Ahmed-Green adds:

“All of us had the same feeling when listening to the music, the feeling of losing yourself in the trance of a night out. I wanted the verses to be sensory, like what those nights feel like in your body. That’s what the music feels like to me too, an intoxicating daze. The chorus drives home the mixed emotion and emptiness these experiences can have.”

Last Planet are planning to release a series of singles this year, each showing a different side of the Oakland, California band. In fact, they have taken their ambition to a new level, with an intention to release one new single each month of the year. “Whiskey Breath” is a sign of things to come on these upcoming singles, which will delve deeper into the soulful vocals, edgy grooves, and atmospheric sounds you hear on this track.

The band formed about five years ago when Berul met Cort Young while they were each working at Guitar Center in San Francisco. Since those early days, they have really blossomed, to the point where they are now a six-piece, with two lead vocalists and a growing following in the Bay Area. Look out for Last Planet rocking Northern California this summer as the excitement continues to grow for this promising young act.

Last Planet “Whiskey Breath” single artwork
Last Planet “Whiskey Breath” single artwork