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Purely Provocative: Single by Sunday Discuss God, Assholes, Wizards, and more!

Joining us today for a Purely Provocative interview are Single by Sunday’s Josh Ladds and Jonny Eakins to discuss all sorts of crazy stuff about random topics you won’t find anywhere else!



Single by Sunday, photo by Marc Sharp Visuals

Single by Sunday are telling it like it is with their latest track, “Severed Ties.” We’ve experienced over 60 years of the modern pop song putting a positive spin on love and relationships, but what about the times when it’s just time to get the hell out?

That’s where “Severed Ties” comes into the picture, a tune about just saying enough is enough when a relationship is and has been causing you constant headaches. Despite its unfortunate subject matter, the song is lively, a nice little pop-punk ditty to get the old energy level up.

This is one of those career-defining songs for the quartet, each of whom is still extremely young and still learning to find their way musically. The band has become known for their colourful hair, mixed in with a certain boldness and self-confidence. Thus far, they have played at the Scottish Music Awards, been named ‘Best Emerging International Artist’ as part of Indie Week in Canada, and played select dates on the last edition of the Vans Warped Tour.

Joining us today for a shot of Purely Provocative are lead singer Josh Ladds and guitarist Jonny Eakins to discuss all sorts of crazy stuff about random topics you won’t find anywhere else!


Has a fan ever really pissed you off? What happened?

Josh Ladds: “Nah, I am pretty relaxed in general, so I don’t get pissed off too easy. Having said that though, there was a fan that just leaned in and kissed me on the lips during a meet and greet, that was annoying.”

Jonny Eakins: “Yeah, this girl in 2015 sprayed silly string all over a very expensive vintage blue jacket that I was wearing, and it got stained pink from the silly string. I was really not happy.”

What’s one of the most fucked up things that’s happened to you as a musician?

Ladds: “We were playing a show in Toronto and I borderline thought I was having a stroke. My whole body went numb, turns out I was just high from passive weed smokers. That was fucked up.”


Eakins: “Getting chased through Pomona by hoodlums on bikes. It was like something out of The Warriors movie, ‘will they make it home alive?’”

If there were zero repercussions to you, what is one thing would you do that’s illegal or morally wrong?

Ladds: “Rob a bank, but I would be nice about it. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, and I might even leave some money behind as a tip.”

Eakins: “Burn down the church. Money is the source of all greed; greed is a sin. So technically, I’d be doing God’s work.”

Does God exist; why yes/no/who the fuck cares?


Ladds: “I believe there is a life after this one, but I believe it is all done through science and not a specific God.”

Eakins: “Nope. Huge croc of shite. Great business idea, though. Also, Jesus and ten guys in the desert for that long… screams gay to me.”

Who is the biggest asshole you have ever met, and why?

Ladds: “A promoter from London. I am not going to mention any names, but that guy was an absolute cock and balls and needed a good slap about the face with a salmon. Honestly, what a dick.”

Eakins: “Either Josh or the Tour Manager for The Undertones (it was a while ago, so apologies if they now have a new Tour Manager, it’s probably not you). What a prick. #Straightwhitemale #Killallmen


What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed?

Ladds: “When the band and I took a bag of flour and started throwing it all over a hotel room. That was hilarious, and we have video evidence. It was a failed TikTok thing.”

Eakins: “There are too many bellyaching memories in this band to choose. If I had to pick one, then probably the Vans Warped Tour incident. Jack, our original bass player, was trying to change out of his white skinny jeans, but they were so tight around the ankles that they wouldn’t come off. Literally, everyone in the band had a go. We were lifting him off the ground, we were dragging him around the grass for a good ten minutes, trying to get them off. Ok, you had to be there, but I’m sure it’s online, on one of our vlogs.”

What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had about a stranger?

Ladds: “There was a woman that I saw once, she was eating an ice lolly, and I actually got jealous of the ice lolly!”


Eakins: “I’m not telling you the thought, but luckily that stranger had the same idea, and we turned those thoughts into actions.”

Which one of these is most like you: upholder, obliger, questioner, or rebel?

Ladds: “Obliger. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to be kind. I’m just a regular Mr. Nice Guy. I will genuinely give up my seat to someone on a bus, if I’m ever on one.”

Eakins: “Rebel. I’m all about shaking up the system. It’s broken, so let’s get it fixed. Number one rule; always listen to Jonny.”

Who from history do you think was an actual wizard?


Ladds: “Merlin, all day long. I mean, how else can you explain Stone Henge? That bitch levitated those rocks there; you know he did!”

Eakins: “Merlin, hands down, it’s a given. He was Harry Potter before Harry Potter became Harry Potter.”

If you had a time machine, would you rather have one that only goes back in time or only goes forward?

Ladds: “I’d have one that went back in time, so that I could visit people I have lost.”

Eakins: “One-hundred percent my time machine would be going back in time. That way, I’d get to experience the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and get to relive the ’90s. Vivienne Westwood, The Ramones, The Beach Boys, The Punks, here I come.”

Artwork for the single “Severd Ties” by Single by Sunday

Artwork for the single “Severed Ties” by Single by Sunday

What do you love most about yourself?

Ladds: “I have a very nice nature, and I genuinely believe I am an overall down-to-earth human being. Yeah, I think that’s worth loving!”

Eakins: “My humour and razor-sharp wit. Being honest, I’d rather have my sense of humour and be able to hold my own in a conversational situation than not be cold and boring like Josh… only joking; he’s actually ok!”

Most times you’ve had sex in “one sitting?”

Ladds: “I am an innocent virgin; what are you talking about? I didn’t realize that you could do it more than once in one sitting. Why did no one tell me?”

Eakins: “Five. No bragging rights involved, not an energy drink insight; it’s just how the night went. It certainly wasn’t planned, but I did sleep well afterwards!”


Do you bathe on tour? Is it regular? Do you take what you can get and do a wet-nap wipe if there’s no shower?

Ladds: “I shower every day or as regularly as I can. Got to watch out for that knob cheese, you know.”

Eakins: “Always; I might even shower more when I’m out on tour than I do when I’m home. It is almost more important when you’re on tour. Can’t be smelling funky in the meet & greet.”

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