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The Anix Premieres His Flashy, Minimalist Single “Bleach”

If music were a canvas and genres were colours, The Anix would be crafting a rather vibrant painting. Musician and producer Brandon Smith unveils his brand new single “Bleach” (FiXT).



The Anix

If music were a canvas and genres were colours, The Anix would be crafting a rather vibrant painting. The alternative/electro-rock project is spearheaded by musician and producer Brandon Smith, who today unveils his brand new single “Bleach.” The multifaceted, minimal, and spirited track is a nice little slice of what Smith is serving up with this new project, a well-rounded, electronic-centric sound that appeals to both the guitar and the DJ crowds.

That’s ultimately part of Smith’s focus with this new endeavour, a modus operandi designed to take existing genres, combine them, and do something new or novel. He also wants to conjure up music that will hit at your emotions and make you feel something, whether it be happy or sad thoughts.

Here to explain more is Smith, who shares:

“‘Bleach’ is the first track I have written exploring a new direction combining elements of electro, house, hip-hop, and heavy fuzzed-out alt-rock. I grew up listening to anything that had massive bass and heavy speaker-blowing beats, usually from two opposing music worlds like rock and hip-hop or techno.

“I have made my career exploring ways to fuse those elements into one sound, but with this new track I really took an extreme, minimalistic approach to it. By stripping everything away, it allowed me to really focus and create the best sound design possible since the elements have a chance to shine on their own for once.”

Regarding the mood of the song, he adds:

“The mood I built this song to capture is a continuation of my theme of ‘infinite sadness + infinite power.’ It will trigger somber, melancholic feelings, while simultaneously empowering you to move through it. I love sad music, in fact if the song doesn’t make me feel like crawling into a black hole, I usually can’t get into it, but I am exploring ways to give you that darkness with a glimmer of hope in the end.”

Smith has made a career by pushing the limits with his musical approach. Based in Los Angeles, he’s a masterful producer with an evolved approach to music and how it can be experienced. As a live performer, he has moved away from traditional touring towards more of a digital approach which includes live-streaming, like his Live In Los Angeles event, sponsored by Bandcamp, that occurred early last year.

As a studio musician, he has released four full-length albums under The Anix moniker, via the independent FiXT label, with his new record NIGHTVISION scheduled to be on the way soon. It’s not easy finding your way in music nowadays, but Smith is nicely carving out his little niche where he can work, play, and formulate some tracks that are quite unlike anything else you are listening to.

Artwork for the single “Bleach” by The Anix

Artwork for the single “Bleach” by The Anix