purely provocative


Andrew Low, front man for the indie/punk act The Jazz June, took a brief moment out his schedule promoting the band’s latest album, After The Earthquake (out November 11, 2014 via Topshelf Records), to answer some of our “Purely Provocative” questions for the readers of PureGrainAudio. Here is how the conversation went… funny dude and equally funny responses.

Just who is Justin Symbol? Well, sidestepping the long-winded existential philosophical elaboration, he is a unique electronic/rock/industrial musician who resides in Brooklyn, New York. Dubbed “The King of Negativity,” Symbol is known for not only bad-ass tunes, but also for being seriously boundary-pushing. Think Marilyn Manson, the toilet scene from ‘Trainspotting,’ Nine Inch Nails, the movie ‘Requiem for a Dream,’ Skinny Puppy and Atari Teenage Riot, The Garbage Pail Kids, and heroine-era Ministry, and you’ve got something like Justin Symbol. Fucked up? Yep! But we LOVE it that way. Check out this er… unique interview helping to promote his new release, V Ω I D H E A D.