SoCal alternative hip-hop duo Pure Order recently dropped their new single/lyric video, “Affinity,” a smooth ode to classic hip-hop featuring Bread of Kaliwild.

Pure Order explains, “‘Affinity’ is a sort of love song to hip hop and our worldwide hip hop family. It describes how creative elements are drawn together through powerful attraction to produce a colorful display of beauteous power that lasts indefinitely, such as that of a nebula created by the collision of the elements of a star during implosion.”

Made up of God’s Gift and Nemesis, the name Pure Order was created by God’s Gift when he was rapping with Kankick, Madlib, and the Lootpack. Pure Order signifies the purity of hip-hop lyricism and creativity, merging the fundamental principles of hip-hop—love, unity, creativity, originality, and fun.

“Affinity” opens on emerging, swirling tones topped by dreamy vocals and then rolls into a low-slung, emo trap rhythm as a shimmering topline gives the tune gleaming, psychedelic washes. Simultaneously sensuous and mystical, the harmonics provide a sumptuous matrix for the silky rapping flows.

Imaginative and unlike most contemporary hip-hop, with “Affinity,” Pure Order offers a unique blend of hip-hop and psychedelia.

Pure Order
Pure Order

Run Time: 4:49
Release Date: March 24, 2023
Record Label: Independent