For a country with just over five million people, Ireland boasts a vibrant hip-hop scene, witnessed by the latest release from Afro-Irish alternative hip-hop artist GNS, who drops his new track, “LOVE A LIE” with V-Sensei.

“LOVE A LIE,” GNS’ first new release since 2021, manifests the time and effort he has put into polishing his sound, a sound inspired by artists such as Jaden, Tyler, The Creator, and Dave.

Talking about the track, GNS says, “It touches on romantic love, love between life-long friends, family, and love from the people who support you. Although, after being heartbroken within many different types of relationships, it is easy to grow pessimism within love. Even so, we still decide to chase it.”

Based in Dublin, GNS was born in Malawi and raised in Ireland. In 2020, GNS released “Reload It” with Sean Lyons, followed by three singles in 2021, including “Rhodes,” “momma bird,” and “BIB.”


“LOVE A LIE” opens on gentle, gleaming guitars, at once tender and brooding. Deep, swinging drums infuse the tune with a potent, measured rhythm as a soft flow imbues the rhymes with intimate, poignant tones. Sad, heartfelt backing vocals from Olivia Emade give the lyrics aching echoes of tugging emotions.

Akin to an emotive ballad, “LOVE A LIE” reveals a troubling sense of love’s impending futility, as well as its undeniable attraction.

Run Time: 3:02
Release Date: March 14, 2023
Record Label: WOAH Media Official