Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, the band Front Row Seats recently released their anticipated track “On My Mind,” bringing fresh air to the fall season with their calming yet charming production and vocals.

Starting with a jazzy guitar chord progression on top of a steady drum beat, the song appears to have a lo-fi atmosphere—that is lighthearted but still attractive enough to hold the listener’s ear. With an entrancing intro, Waldeck’s warm vocals welcome the audience to the lyric with an interesting set mood:

“Take my time to enjoy the view / You know it always looks better with you.”

Throughout the whole track, Waldeck’s vocal performance is a powerful storytelling tool. Relaxing and soulful, he brings the listener through a vibrant palette of moods, where each part of the song comes with a new feeling. The guitar, on the other hand, drives the music to a climax with an exhilarating guide, perfectly the song’s sonic atmosphere.

“On My Mind” is the second single from Chris Comhaill’s shapeshifting neo-soul project, Front Row Seats, following the first release, “Golden Ticket.” In this song, the band has captured and integrated the sense of human intimacy into music, where the connection between musicians and listeners is carefully embraced. Here, everybody can stay in this exciting comfort zone after a busy day when turning the music on.

“I wanted to have a project where I could collaborate with great musicians and vocalists to bring what I hear in my head to life and to realize my compositions,” explains Comhaill. “For me, music is about community and connection – with other musicians and with the audience.”

Front Row Seats

Run Time: 6:51
Release Date: September 26, 2022
Record Label: Resonant Records