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My Absence By Now Deliver ‘Bliss’ with the Premiere of Their New Album

Emiliano Santoro’s new recording project, My Absence By Now premieres the debut album ‘Bliss,’ set for release tomorrow via The Circle Music.



My Absence By Now

Based on his musical past and upbringing, Emiliano Santoro brings together the best of both worlds with his new recording project, My Absence By Now, and his debut album Bliss. Set for release tomorrow via The Circle Music, today is your first listen to this adventurous new musical experience (including the lead single, “Behind”), an inventive new dark synth project by the Italian artist.

Santoro is, of course, best known for being one of the founding members of the doom, atmospheric post-black metal band Dead Summer Society and the dark ambient project Last Winder I Died. He also has played guitar for the gothic/doom band How Like a Winter.

Recounting the circumstances in which this project took shape, Santoro recalls for us:

“I remember the first day, the very exact moment when My Absence By Now came to life. Staring at the rain, Rome was lying below the clouds like a pale princess. It was like being in a reverie, distant memories of an old love. The pale princess started whispering, and I felt myself thankful, flooded with emotions. I recollected all the nostalgia, the joy and the darkness, and the dreams behind the pain… the pale princess started talking, and here we are… waiting for the next rain…”

For Santoro, part of the motivation for starting this project is to branch out. After the various recordings he has done with his previous bands and recording projects, he felt the time had come to venture down new paths and experiment with new sounds, very distinct from anything else he had previously been affiliated with. It’s ambient music, heavily influenced by electronic and dark synth, with a heavy emphasis on soundscapes and atmospheres.

Although much of this recording project was spearheaded by Santoro, he was happy to welcome some guest vocalists, such as Graziana Oddo of electronic group Elektrovice, and Andrea Maggioni, who has been involved in post-black metal band Icidar, The Harrowing Yearning, and deathcore ensemble Astral Emptiness. Both expansive and comprehensive, Bliss is your opportunity to really get to know Emiliano Santoro, the artist and the visionary.

Artwork for the album ‘Bliss’ by My Absence By Now

Artwork for the album ‘Bliss’ by My Absence By Now

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