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Chisom Flee From Societal Expectations With Album ‘Bracelets’

Afro-Pop-infused Hip-Hop album ‘Bracelets’ seeks to appreciate life’s beauty while embracing anti-materialism.




Chisom’s album Bracelets encompasses the captivity of materialism while still seeking to appreciate the finer things in life. The soulful twelve-song album showcases Chisom’s adept lyricism and unparalleled take on afro-pop-infused hip-hop. The word “bracelets” is a metaphor for handcuffs – a metaphor Chisom valiantly adopts to represent breaking free from societal constraints in his new album. Not only is Chisom breaking free of societal rules, but he is also breaking free from genre constraints with the diverse album. Primarily a hip-hop artist, Chisom combines hip-hop, alternative hip-hop, soul, afropop, and afro-fusion to create a distinct and memorable sound in Bracelets.

The initial idea for Bracelets came to fruition during a month-long trip to Houston, Texas. The Texas heat and nights out with old friends melded perfectly with Chisom’s daily writing and recording sessions. Inspired by the change of environment, the lyrics began pouring out of him at an expeditious pace. He noticed that a common theme in the lyrics was breaking free from materialism. However, it wasn’t until he wrote the fifth track on the album, “Within,” that he was confident he had a message he needed to share.

The title track, “Bracelets,” was written after an undesirable interaction with the police. Chisom was no stranger to police misconduct and mustered the utmost respect and patience while answering unmerited questions. However, rather than sulking over the adverse feelings, he transformed the troublesome experience into a catchy and compelling body of art.

Chisom blends vintage east coast hip-hop with a deep affection for the complex beauty of traditional African music to create his signature sound. His music celebrates his rich heritage while making meaningful observations on American society. With recent releases featured in OkayPlayer, DJBooth, and XXL in addition to a steady stream of new material expected this year, Chisom is poised to become a vital voice of his generation.

'Bracelets' by Chisom

‘Bracelets’ by Chisom