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Watch Jett Jenkins’ Highly Praised “City in Anger” Music Video

“City in Anger” recounts Jett Jenkins’ experience finding peace in a chaotic world through brooding lyricism, now with an official music video.



Jett Jenkins

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Jett Jenkins just released a music video for her debut single, “City in Anger,” on March 16, 2023. Jenkins wrote the melancholic anthem late-night on New Year’s Day in Malibu. For her, this moment was characterized as a time of distress in which she craved stability and comfort, despite feeling like the world was spinning around her.

Inspired by Wolf Alice, Jenkins set out to create a visual representation of “City in Anger” that encapsulates the raw emotion of the track. Written after her father died, the “City in Anger” music video was a cathartic release for Jenkins, in which she finally confronts her feelings surrounding the tragedy. In the music video, viewers will see a man – presumably her father – to whom she expresses how the choices he made left her feeling and affected her life.

Oozing with personality, charisma, and invigorated by Jenkin’s buttery vocals, “City in Anger” served as the perfect introduction for this female powerhouse. Reminiscent of songs from artists like Clairo and Billie Eilish, Jenkins does an outstanding job of articulating her authentic story in relatable terms (and intensely rhythmical beats). This track is a catchy bedroom pop vibe kissed with a subtle pop-punk edge that perfectly captures Jenkin’s artistic identity.

“City in Anger” showcases undeniable finesse while never once allowing the emotion behind Jenkin’s performance to feign. The emerging artist had no problem demanding the listener’s full attention on this track; hypnotic verses unfold into a harmonically decadent chorus impossible not to dance along to. Jenkins found, through writing “City in Anger,” that embracing chaos is sometimes the best way to find peace.