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Brother Oliver Puts the Pedal Down On ‘Sped Up Vol. 1’



Brother Oliver released their Sped Up Vol. 1 EP this weekend—and it’s a collection of some of their top songs, just as the title describes, sped up.

The trend of taking popular songs and speeding them up is not necessarily new but it has been growing in new popularity as of late. Spotify even introduced their own official playlist of sped up songs, for example.

The tracks take on a new identity and in Brother Oliver’s case with “Improving Morale”, they transform into an entirely new departure from the original vibe of the song. The previously, slow and somewhat methodical psychedelic track turns into an entirely danceable, almost Latin-eqsue feel.

In addition to “Improving Morale” the band has included their most popular song “Castles” as well as their live show banner anthem “Coffee and a Cigarette” into the sped up mix.

You can dive into Brother Oliver’s Sped Up Vol. 1, here—hit play and hold on tight.