Singer-songwriter Alec Rose just released his debut single, “Underwater.” During a serene writing session on a porch in LA, Rose let his subconscious mind take control as the melodious lyrics of his indie folk-pop track “Underwater” flowed out from deep inside. Rose quickly realized the lyrics were a reflection of his subconscious mind and drew a direct connection between the song and a recurring dream he had about breathing underwater. Rose successfully tapped into the hidden potential of the subconscious mind to bring his listeners the impassioned and intuitive song.

Multifaceted musician and artist Alec Rose created “Underwater” alongside his good friend, frequent collaborator & producer, NICOLOSI. Together they were able to build a dynamic song with a soft acoustic intro that erupts into a powerful chorus with hard-hitting drums, ethereal pads, and spacious vocal layers. With Alec Rose’s compelling signature falsetto conveying his deepest sentiments, the melancholic folk-pop song washes over listeners with immense emotion. Rose’s debut single perfectly encapsulates his original and authentic sound and sets the sonic tone for his future releases.

Alec Rose, a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer, is happiest when he is making melodies and effortlessly alchemizing incoherent thoughts into articulate and beautiful lyrics. Rose developed his signature sound around his falsetto croon, lower register ramblings, or top-of-his-range rasp. With heavy influence from Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Alabama Shakes, and Phil Collins, Rose’s music is a captivating fusion of alternative, pop, and folk.

"Underwater" by Alec Rose.
“Underwater” by Alec Rose.