Seattle-based alt-rock trio gloryBots unveil their new single, “Hot Panic,” a track taken from their third forthcoming long-player, Radiation Skies, set to release on April 21, 2023.

gloryBots is singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jalal Andre, Ilya Krisa (bass), and Don Gunn (drums). Originally from Siberia, Krisa had played guitar with various bands in Seattle, prior to joining gloryBots on bass in 2020. While pursuing the distinctive bass tone necessary for the band’s unique sound, he remodelled his guitar pedals and rebuilt his pedalboards.

Commenting briefly on the new tune, Jalal Andre shares:

“‘Hot Panic’ is about the struggles of a young woman coming of age in a world with a glass ceiling dominated by men.”

Don Gunn arrived on the scene to mix the songs recorded by Andre, Krisa, and the band’s previous drummer. To complete the album, he was asked to play drums for the rest of the record, along with the earlier songs. For Jalal Andre, the opportunity to add new elements to gloryBots’ sound is an important part of the evolutionary process, including textures and approaches.

“Hot Panic” rolls out on a shimmering acoustic guitar, followed by moussing up to an infectious, rumbling rhythm topped by Andre’s potent, wistful voice, imbuing the lyrics with aching isolation. Krisa’s heavy bassline adds deep, thrumming reverberations, giving the harmonics an expansive resonance.

Simultaneously novel yet familiar, there’s an intimate fluency to the tune, consisting of dark, elegiac colours, gliding motion, and radiant vocal harmonies underscored by thick layers of sonic leitmotifs.

Functioning as a capacitor for compelling melancholic surfaces, “Hot Panic” vents the repressed choler of thwarted desire.

GloryBots will perform at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern on March 3, 2023. Get more info on the band here:

Artwork for the single “Hot Panic” by gloryBots
Artwork for the single “Hot Panic” by gloryBots