What’s the formula for a Mom Rock song? Well, none really… Once you get to know some of this eclectic band’s catalogue of articulate and impassioned alternative music, you discover that they are operating on a whole other level of creativity. The band returns with their brand new single “Bullseye,” a dynamic and interesting change of pace from an ensemble that is very used to changing paces.

The origins of the track go back nearly two years when lead singer and guitarist Curtis Heimburger was feeling inspired late on an early spring evening in his home in Boston. He wanted to reformulate or reinterpret how he typically wrote songs, so he started tooling around with a drum machine and then laid down a groove that had been bouncing around in his head. He then added bass and synth lines, which became the track’s main hook. When he was wrapping up for the night (or the morning), Heimburger gave it a joking title of “Bullseye” to summarize how he felt about it, and from that, the lyrics came naturally the next day.

Telling us more about the single, Heimburger says:

“‘Bullseye’ is a rose-tinted middle finger held up to ‘the haters,’ an anthemic rejection of all of the expectations and assumptions made by others about us as both artists and humans.

“Stylistically, it is a funky departure from our typical free-flying rock n’ roll, complete with undulating synthesizers, angelic falsetto vocals, and a harp sample, but still gets the proper Mom Rock treatment with a ripping guitar solo to send it all home. We believe that this track would appeal to audiences of Portugal. The Man and Vulfpeck, while also delighting our core indie rock mainstay audience.”

“Bullseye” is the first new music from Mom Rock since the release of their well-received 2022 EP Bases Loaded. Formed in Boston, the trio is now based in Austin, Texas. Joining Heimburger are his trusted colleagues Wilson Reardon and Tara Maggiulli. They first started to win fans over in the Boston college party scene, and their music seems to connect especially well with young people of that age range.

The topics of their songs are wide-ranging, but very relatable, with frequent themes of friendship, heartbreak, self-love, self-loathing and the need to belong. Basically, if you’re a young adult finding your way through this crazy world, Mom Rock is there for you.

Artwork for the single “BULLSEYE” by Mom Rock