Now, this is some heavy shit! Today, Buzz Junior debuts his brand new single, “Drip,” which will appear on his new EP Circulate when it’s released this Friday, January 27th, via Gravitas Recordings.

If we’re talking about “heavy” music, some of the “heaviest” is consistently being pumped out by the world’s best DJs, and Buzz is right in the zone with this intoxicating new track, showcasing his unique approach to creating a sound that will make you want to bounce around. This is a DJ track ideal for the club, or better yet, the massive European festival stages where thousands of people (some sober, some not so) get taken over by the beat.

Referring to the track “Drip,” Buzz comments:

“Lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun writing music that is all about finding a rhythmic pocket and allowing a groove to unfold at its own pace. I think ‘Drip’ is a great example of this evolution of my sound.”

Circulate stands out as some of Buzz’s best work, combining heavy bass, trap, dubstep, synths, and innovative beats to form a truly memorable and well-rounded EDM listening experience. It’s all masterminded by Buzz Junior, a highly skilled DJ and producer originally from Omaha, Nebraska. He is beginning to receive a lot of recognition from some of the top names within the electronic music scene, with collaborations with Ashez, Gallium, Aych, and Snxxz3 speaking to the support he is currently garnering.

Buzz has a lot of unreleased music coming down the pipeline, and it all paints a pretty picture of the future for him as an artist you should keep a close eye on.

Artwork for the album ‘Circulate’ by Buzz Junior

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