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Album Review

Scott Goldbaum – ‘Protector’ [EP] [Album Review]

Shot through with myriad suffusions of diaphanous surfaces capped by the cashmere voice of Scott Goldbaum, ‘Protector’ is grandly wrought.



Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Scott Goldbaum releases his first solo EP, Protector, a five-track collection of songs following a susceptible character who needs protection even as he protects others.

Self-produced, Protector merges elements of experimental folk music with indie-rock, accompanied by sumptuous string arrangements by Molly Rogers, upright bass from Kaveh Rastegar, drums and percussion by Kiel Feher, and mixing by Scott Gordon.

Goldbaum’s credits include Sting, LAUV, Keith Urban, Skylar Grey, Charlotte Lawrence, and Maddie Poppe. Before taking a five-year hiatus from releasing music, Goldbaum fronted his former bands – Forebear, Wise Cub, and The Harm.

Beginning with “Drive Too Fast,” a softly glittering tune that takes on an edgy flow, Goldbaum’s eloquently evocative voice imbues the lyrics with moody tension, setting the EP’s atmospheric approach.

“Trigger Finger,” a song about pervasive gun violence, opens on buoyant tones topped by Goldbaum’s smooth vocals. Then the harmonics take on depth and dark resonance, infusing the tune with portentous tangs as the vocals assume cutting fringes.

“Blood Knot” forms a silky, glittering folk song about personal heritage and where one comes from. Elusive and sensitive, the tune flickers with tenderness. While “Mourning Coffee” describes the difference between codependency and partnership as the world crumbles, conveyed by Goldbaum’s subtle vocal intonations, ranging from velvety to a numinous falsetto.

For some reason, “Incremental” conjures up the drifting prog-rock textures of Pink Floyd, mysterious and oh so creamily gorgeous. Perhaps the best track on the EP, “Incremental,” provides a floating, dream-like soundscape.

Shot through with myriad suffusions of diaphanous surfaces capped by the cashmere voice of Scott Goldbaum, Protector is grandly wrought.

Protector Track Listing:

1. Drive Too Fast
2. Trigger Finger
3. Blood Knot
4. Mourning Coffee
5. Incremental

Run Time: 12:29
Release Date: December 1, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release