Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Brenda Carsey recently dropped “Man of Mine,” the fourth single from her forthcoming long-player, Cognizance, slated for release at the beginning of 2023.

“Man of Mine” reveals the beauty and depth of burgeoning love, the type of love that allows you to feel safe enough to be weak, to be seen, and to be yourself.

According to Carsey, she doesn’t usually write positive songs or love songs; however, “Man of Mine” wrote itself, arising out of the genuine gratitude she has for her partner.

Produced by Carsey, the song features the talents of Carsey (vocals, harmonies, piano, Rhodes), Kyle Crane (drums), Nick Campbell (bass), and Michael Day (guitar).

A graceful piano provides the intro, flowing into a scrummy rhythm topped by Carsey’s posh, sensuous voice as soft, blushing harmonies bathe the lyrics in buttery, passionate tones. Neo-soul/jazz-pop-flavoured leitmotifs give the harmonics vibrant, rippling textures.

“When I think of your love / I get so high / Oh no I can’t get you off of my mind / When I think of your love I get so high / Oh no I can’t get you off of my mind.”

Shaded by luscious, soulful savours tinted with sweet, syrupy aromas, “Man of Mine” articulates the devotion of true love.

Brenda Carsey, photo by Tammie Valer

Run Time: 3:23
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Record Label: Self-Release