There’s no questioning the hit that the music industry took for most of 2020 and 2021. Unable to perform live, most artists also weren’t releasing new music, which left us with lots of time for sitcom reruns and album relistenings. But within all that boredom and chaos, some really important seeds were beginning to grow, and we see them in full bloom today… such as Faint On Call’s brand-new single “Pearl.”

This is actually the band’s debut single, an epic introduction from a quartet of industry mainstays which includes Tobias Hawkins, the former drummer of Counting Crows and vocalist for Laundry, with Primus’ Tim Alexander and Cristian Hernandez, formerly of Onesidezero. A fine modern rock song, it would fit in perfectly on rock radio amongst the songs of the bands that the members came up in.

Explaining the song and its connection to our lives, the band says:

“‘Pearl’s’ central theme is one of being suffocated by life’s challenges to the point of possibly ending it all. But… if you’re willing… through deep spiritual practices, one is given the beautiful gift of letting go, letting go of old patterns and behaviours, at some point shit starts to change and hope and beauty start to weigh in heavily. “You then, seemingly out of nowhere, start to rack up some good days.

Lockdown bands are a tricky commodity because you can’t be certain that the chemistry is right given the circumstances. In this instance, it’s pretty obvious to see that the chemistry is right on point. The band’s sound is best characterized as a combination of 1990’s alternative rock with the more melody-driven rock of the late 1980s. There are lots of hooks and juicy parts, but the lyrics are a little more optimistic than the typical solemn feel of the ’90s.

Produced alongside Sylvia Massy, who has a spectacular list of production and engineering credits, including Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Prince, and Johnny Cash, the members of Faint On Call really challenged each other, intending to write 30 songs in 30 weeks. They reached that goal with no problem, and you’ll soon hear what we mean on the band’s debut record that’s coming soon.

Artwork for the single “Pearl” by Faint On Call