Occasionally, a new album grabs you by the collar and gets all up in your business. Bellevue by The Bobby Lees is precisely that kind of album, channelling bands like Sonic Youth, The Cramps, and Dead Kennedys – not necessarily in musical style but in the attitude, commitment, and moxy these bands brought to their genres at their finest moments.

Bellevue clocks in at 13 songs, tallying just over thirty minutes. The lead (and title) track gives you everything you need to know about The Bobby Lees in under 90 seconds; Attitude galore, howling vocals, a driving rhythm section, and some bad-ass guitar licks. If “Bellevue” doesn’t put some tingle in your taint, then chances are you’re probably listening to a lot of false rock n’ roll.

Track eleven is “Greta Van Fake,” boasting lyrics like ‘I watch ya from the crowd as you fake it. Now watch us from the ground as we make it.’


Who doesn’t love a good cover version? The Bobby Lees deliver a stunning Waterboys cover of “Be My Enemy,” a version so tight that it might undo everything you love about the original version. Bellevue has been playing on repeat since the album got sent to me to check out; It’s easily one of the best albums of 2022. Don’t take my word for it, though; Henry Rollins, Mike Patton, Iggy Pop, and Blondie are already championing The Bobby Lees, and I’d personally take their word over mine any day of the week.

The Bobby Lees

Bellevue Track Listing:

1. Bellevue 1:23
2. Hollywood Junkyard 3:13
3. Ma Likes To Drink 1:41
4. Death Train 3:01
5. Strange Days 3:35
6. Dig Your Hips 3:19
7. Have You Seen A Girl 1:42
8. In Low 1:41
9. LIttle Table 2:20
10. Monkey Mind 2:19
11. Greta Van Fake 2:18
12. Be My Enemy 3:26
13. Mystery Theme Song 1:45

Run Time: 31:43
Release Date: October 7, 2022
Record Label: Ipecac Recordings


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