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Premiere: Ann Gray Displays “Grace” and Elegance on Her New Single

Ann Gray premieres her latest single, “Grace,” a delicate, acoustic pop ballad that emphasizes her distinctive, original, and “graceful” vocal style.



Ann Gray is one of those “wise beyond their years” people. She’s already been through many highs and lows in her young life, but she still retains that unmistakable, youthful energy and emotion. You can hear it in her latest single, “Grace,” a delicate, acoustic pop ballad that emphasizes her distinctive, original, and “graceful” vocal style.

Her soft, melodic voice really makes the song flow, and if you listen closely, you’ll notice a certain Celtic influence within her voice and enunciations. It’s a pleasant sound that feels innocent and hopeful, like an artist who wants to contribute something positive to the world.

Discussing “Grace” and the context within which it was composed, Gray tells us:

“Whenever I think back on the beginnings of this song, it always seems to signify a sort of milestone in my writing for me. I wrote it when I was in a really awful period of writer’s block actually, and as a sort of exercise, I decided to pull a Taylor SwiftFolklore-moment and try to write a song from the perspective of a character from another piece I had created (lol sounds confusing but I shall elaborate).

She continues:

“I had gotten back from a trip to Delaware to visit my cousin (and pretty much best friend since birth) Viv, where we had actually just written a song called ‘Ophelia’ about two friends leaving each other for college. And so, in my Folklore-induced haze, I decided to write a song from Ophelia’s own perspective, ultimately directed at the character whose point of view the first song had been written from (and as the song title just might possibly suggest, I chose the name Grace).”

What’s distinctive about Gray as a songwriter is that combination of youth and her commentary on the complicated nature of growing up in today’s times. She’s originally from Norfolk, Virginia, and has already released one EP titled Foolish, which received widespread acclaim within her locality, earning her a Veer Music Award nomination in the “Best Acoustic/Folk” category. Outside of her solo releases, Gray has a side project going called Times New Roman which is a collaboration between her and her cousin Viv Golpira. A charismatic and wildly talented young woman, Gray is really just getting started, with her future looking as dandy as it possibly could.

Artwork for the single “Grace” by Ann Gray