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KellyMarie Writes About What She Loves; “The Office”

KellyMarie’s highly-anticipated first album, ‘IT IS MY ALBUM,’ is finally released, a collection of 11 love songs inspired by the critically acclaimed TV show “The Office.”



KellyMarie’s highly-anticipated first album, IT IS MY ALBUM, is finally released, a collection of 11 love songs inspired by the critically acclaimed TV show The Office reflecting KellyMarie’s upbeat and quirky nature, and talent for interpretive storytelling.

A die-hard fan, KellyMarie admits that The Office is one of her most re-watched shows…. to the point where she was inspired to write an entire album based on the show. “It’s often said – write about what you know and love,” says the seasoned songstress, so during the lockdown, she did just this. She goes on to say that “enjoying my favorite show in this new way was life-giving, and I am ecstatic to finally share it.” She views this album as a gift to the many people behind the show which has brought her immense joy over the years.

The upbeat dream-pop album has a smooth sound, perfectly complementing KellyMarie’s soulful voice. On the opening track, “Once+,” KellyMarie establishes the mood of a hopefully budding romance. Fans of the show will recognize the messy but charming love story of Jim and Pam and an ode to familiar scenes such as the Christmas Party.

KellyMarie will be performing live at Dunder Con, the first-ever The Office convention, on August 6th in New Jersey and will be gifting free CDs to the first 300 people to attend.

Texas-based artist, KellyMarie is a skilled singer-songwriter influenced by Ingrid Michaelson, Sarah Jaffe, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and The Beach Boys. Her airy vocals mixed with her breezy melodies make her music effortless to enjoy.

Cover art for ‘It Is My Album’ by KellyMarie