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KellyMarie Discusses Her The Office-Inspired Concept Record ‘It Is My Album’

Having recently performed at Dunder Con, the first-ever The Office convention, we were interested in chatting with KellyMarie to learn more about what inspired this unique concept album.



Recently debuting her first full-length album, KellyMarie brings light, love, and laughter to her fans with the release of It Is My Album – a concept album of 11 love songs inspired by relationships in the hit TV show The Office. Reflecting KellyMarie’s upbeat and quirky nature and talent for interpretive storytelling, It Is My Album has a smooth sound, perfectly complementing her soulful voice.

Having recently performed at Dunder Con, the first-ever The Office convention, we were interested in chatting with KellyMarie to learn more about what inspired this unique concept album. Read more below to see what she had to say!

Hey KellyMarie! Tell us about your new album – It Is My Album. What inspired it?

KellyMarie: “During lockdown, I was wanting to get back into writing but struggling to find inspiration. That night I was watching The Office as I do most nights, and inspiration struck me when Pam said, ‘We never got the timing right.’ I knew in that moment I was going to write an album about The Office, and the first song I wrote was ‘Timing Right.’”

So, it’s safe to say you love The Office. What makes you enjoy the show?

“The show is hilarious and heartwarming. Every time I watch it, I crack up like it’s the first time, and it really helps me relax at the end of stressful days. I enjoy how there’s not too much drama in it either, and you can really tell they all love each other. As soon as I hear that intro song, I know I have an escape – even if just for 22 minutes where I can unplug and laugh stress free.”

The entire album is comprised of love songs…. is this inspired by your own love life or the love stories from the show?

“Each song is about a relationship from the show. There is no direct crossover to my own love life. I did my best to stay true to the emotions and feelings that were behind the characters at the various times of their relationships in the show, but I am sure there are some aspects that were influenced on how I process and interpret relationships.”

What was the first song you wrote for this album?

“‘Timing Right.’”

Cover art for “Timing Right” by KellyMarie

What gave you the idea to create an entire album based on The Office love stories?

“I knew I wanted to write songs about The Office, but after finishing the first song, I took some time to step back and decide which direction I wanted to take the album. I had some funny ideas early on but settled on an album of love songs to lean into the emotional aspects not highlighted in the show.”

What’s your favorite song from the album? What’s the story behind it?

“‘Beach Day.’ It was very important to me that I get this moment right. I knew I wanted a song about Pam’s speech from the ‘Beach Games’ episode that captured her personal growth as well as her feelings for Jim, but the initial idea came easier than the lyrics themselves. Over the 8 months it took me to write, the song took on many forms. However, none of these set well with me until that day I remember finally exhaling when I knew the song was complete. I’m so thankful for sticking it out because I am now most proud of this song. I saw the journey the song went on and the different shapes and moods it went through until it finally became ‘Pam.’”

Favorite lyrical line on the album? Why?

“From ‘Beach Day’ – ‘Yeah, my feet hurt and the embers still burn.’ Every time I sing it, it kind of chokes me up. In the physical sense, Pam’s feet hurt after doing the coal walk, but in a deeper sense, she’s tired. Just as the embers glow behind her, they also burn in her heart for Jim, a love she thought she lost.”

Cover art for ‘It Is My Album’ by KellyMarie

You recently performed at DunderCon – can you tell us more about that? What was it like to share your music with fellow Office Fans?

“Dunder Con was amazing! I was a little nervous to perform in front of such Office fanatics, but everyone was so affirming, and there has been so much support since the event. I was delighted to meet so many fans of the show, and it was a joy to see people excited for my music. It was an honor to perform at the event.”

Would you draw any similarities between The Office and your personal life?

“I can relate to Pam for being in relationships too long and thinking I should settle for less than I deserve. Also, I relate to her passion for art. Much of my childhood was dreamt of being a singer, but just like Pam, I kept playing things safe instead of taking the chance to pursue my dream…until now.”

What can fans expect next?

“People can be on the lookout for lots of shows! I’m excited to perform this album and will be jumping on any opportunity to meet new fans and share my music. I’m also planning on recording a stripped-down version of the album next year.”

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