The perfect blend of melody, levity, and, popular appeal; our old friend Jared Putnam is back with some brand new music to cheer you up. We have been loyal supporters of Putnam and The March Divide for many years now, bringing you several features and premieres, and here we are again today with the debut of the music video for “I Wanna Hate You.” It’s off of the most recent March Divide album, Lost Causes, which was released on June 10th via Slow Start Records.

The video runs quite contrary to what you would expect from a song with such a harsh title. It starts off seemingly harmless; a nice outdoor picnic in the park on a sunny day, before unravelling into a full-fledged food fight that ends in… let’s say an awkward truce…

Discussing the song’s relationship to the record, Putnam says:

“The new album carries an intentional tribute to 1990s indie pop-rock (Gin Blossoms, Fountains of Wayne, Matthew Sweet) and ‘I Wanna Hate You’ is the perfect song to represent that. I wanted everything I miss from the songs I grew up with: driving verses, big power-pop choruses, and even rippin’ guitar solos.”

Commenting on the video, the clip’s director Hector Gallardo stated:

“I don’t think I’ve heard such a happy break-up song. But I feel it. So of course the accompanying video had to match that theme. What a perfectly beautiful sunny day for a picnic and what a perfectly beautiful setting for our characters to let their aggression out.”

Being able to laugh at yourself and not taking things too seriously is a hallmark of what The March Divide represents. You’ll notice a lot of negative song titles on Lost Causes, but don’t be mistaken; these are pop-rock gems with lots of fun melodies and hooks meant to help liven you up. There are no downers with Putnam; he’s a man who has spent years writing and deconstructing the traditional pop song, attempting to create the blueprint for what sparks a great song.

The songs on Lost Causes are sarcastic for sure, certainly humourous, and maybe a little self-deprecating. But from a certain point of view, they are rather confessional, songs about sad topics, dressed up to be fun and relatable. Sad songs don’t have to sound sad just because that’s been the expectation over the last 70 years of pop music history. Putnam is bucking the trend, hoping that we can all enjoy ourselves a little more through humour and lightheartedness.

Artwork for the album ‘Lost Causes’ by The March Divide

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08/20 – Plano, TX @ Terra Mediterranean
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08/25 – Santa Fe, NM @ The Cowgirl BBQ
08/26 – Ruidoso, NM @ The Cellar Uncorked
08/27 – Alamogordo, NM @ 575 Brewing
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09/30 – San Antonio, TX @ Fralo’s
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10/07 – Corpus Christi, TX @ Art Walk
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