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Premiere: Hello Stranger Tease Their New EP with the Lead Single “True Belief”

Hello Stranger premiere their shredding single “True Belief,” the title track to the band’s forthcoming EP due on August 26th.



Can you put a price tag on rebellion? That’s the loaded question for the day, but an important one nevertheless that Hello Stranger is out to tackle on their brand new single “True Belief.” The song, which features ripping, shredding guitars with ’90s-inspired riffs, is the title track to the band’s latest EP, which you’ll be able to enjoy in its entirety upon its release on August 26th.

It’s a stellar track for sure, with a kind of no-nonsense approach to songwriting. Just a straight ahead riff rocker that ponders how we use important historical figures and movements, turn them into opportunities to profit off of them and benefit ourselves financially.

To tell us a touch more about the track, singer and guitarist Sam Deffenbaugh says:

“‘True Belief’ is about the commodification of rebellion. I was inspired after seeing Che Guevara shirts for sale at popular, conservative retailers. It’s infuriating to see historical figures and artists decontextualized and sold, from Joe Strummer to Martin Luther King Jr., ‘True Belief’ is a down-the-middle rock song that calls out these hypocrisies.”

Formed in 2015 in a dusted-out Los Angeles rehearsal space, Deffenbaugh and his bandmates focus their attention on recording focused modern rock n’ roll, inspired by ‘90s alternative, folk music, and punk. Like many other new releases, the True Belief EP was born out of the global pandemic. The group had been writing songs for many months but could not convene in a studio or even link up with a producer.

So left to their own devices, they took matters into their own hands and recorded, engineered, and produced the entire record themselves. It was their first time doing so, and once they found their way, it turned out to be a very liberating experience that allowed them to do what they want when they wanted, how they wanted, and pour their entire creative spirit into it. They let the music take them wherever they so chose to, and the result is a strong record that will end up being beneficial to them as a unit in the long run.

True Belief Track Listing:

1. True Belief
2. We’re On Your Side
3. Dead Reckoning

Artwork for the single “True Belief” by Hello Stranger

Artwork for the album ‘True Belief’ by Hello Stranger