Enlightened is how you might feel when listening to the compelling duo known as Dada Pop. There’s no specific musical agenda for members Noah Gold and Urban Ghost, just a determination to draw from whatever influences they want, or need, to write and record some very broadly appealing modern pop.

Today we unveil their new single, “Float Like Me,” a decisive, effective, bright new pop song unique unto itself. It doesn’t sound like it belongs in any particular time period or era; it’s just a good-natured, lighthearted pop song that isn’t intended for any particular or specific audience.

Explaining what their intention is with this song, Goldberg states:

“‘Float Like Me’ is our latest single and it represents our desire to float into styles that have higher valence. Music is very joyful for us and this track feels that way, and we love that.”

Goldberg and Urban Ghost remain committed to the groove in their songwriting. They are both curious artists who like to do what they want and what they feel is right regarding their recordings. Golderg and Ghost initially joined forces because it made too much sense not to, after discovering they enjoyed most of the same music, film, literature, and philosophy.

Goldberg came along as a curious musician within the jazz and electronic music scenes of the Pacific Northwest, while Ghost is something of a musical savant, educated at Berklee, and masterful on the saxophone and synthesizer. Intelligent, dynamic, and compelling, Dada Pop is the sound of now, a free-spirited pop duo unrestrained by conventions and old, dated ideals.

Artwork for the single “Float Like Me” by Dada Pop