They don’t come along too often, but some artists just have that comforting quality about them. You can include J. Nicolás in this distinguished category of singer-songwriters, as you will find on his latest single, the nearly therapeutic sounding “Falling Fast.” A song about love and support, Nicolás expresses his utmost support for that important person in his life without sounding cliched or melodramatic. It’s characteristic of who he is as an artist, a man capable of moving you with heartfelt lyricism and soothing warmth and honesty.

You’ll find much more of this on his upcoming sophomore album, A Rosary Bone, which he’s got scheduled for release on September 2nd. Nicolás is a heartfelt artist that really digs deeply into what it means to be human, and within that space, he leaves plenty of room open for thoughtful interpretation of what it all means to you.

Says Nicolás about his new single:

“‘Falling Fast’ is a simple song about the baggage we bring to relationships and love. In this tune I’m saying, ‘I know we’re fucked up and scared, and everything is moving fast, but I got you.’”

An indie rock, Americana-inspired storyteller, Nicolás takes great inspiration from Douglas Livingstone, the iconic South African poet, widely considered the important and powerful poet of the latter 20th century. Nicolás has injected A Rosary of Bone with his trademark relaxing instrumentals and raw, uninhibited words of self-discovery. Recorded, mixed, and produced all on his own in his private recording studio, he played almost every instrument on the album, recording straight onto analog 8-track tapes.

The album is a deeper dive into Nicolás as an artist and a songwriter, mining the depths of his mind and his artistry. In contrast to his debut Wild Oak, released in early 2021, A Rosary Bone is, in a sense, more open, truthful, and honest. It was specifically intended to sound more stripped down than Wild Oak in an effort to preserve that live, uneven, imperfect element of Nicolás’ sound. For new listeners, it’s no doubt an ideal introduction to Nicolás and his confessional approach to his art.

Tour Dates:

08/04 & 08/05 – Yellowpine, ID (Yellowpine Music & Harmonica Festival)

Artwork for the album ‘A Rosary of Bone’ by J Nicolás