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Premiere: Get Howling with Damn Jackals’ New EP ‘Rivals’

Brooklyn garage rockers Damn Jackals debut their brand new EP ‘Rivals’ and show off their “New Broke City” music video.



You never know what you’ll get with Damn Jackals, which is arguably the group’s best trait. Well, you’ll get a very good sense of that today with the debut of the Brooklyn band’s brand new EP Rivals.

While it may only be three songs in length, these are three songs with so much to offer, twisting and turning in so many different directions that you can’t help but be interested in what’s coming next. It’s part of the charm of a band that can easily fit into any rock n’ roll era over the past 60 years.

Explaining and conceptualizing the EP for us, lead singer and guitarist Beau Croxton states:

“The Rivals EP was about capturing the energy of our live performances and expanding our capabilities as a five-piece band. On a conceptual level, the lyrics capture traits we fight against going through life, our true ‘Rivals.’

“We wrote and recorded these songs immediately after our 2019 tour, when we had a fresh outlook on what we thought was working best for our band. This session produced our favourite tunes so far and demonstrates our range, from the poppy 1960s surf garage rock in ‘Lovely Nuthin’ to the intense thrash-punk of ‘New Broke City.’ It’s the official Damn Jackals starter pack.”

Rivals is Damn Jackals’ very first vinyl release, fitting considering the vintage sound of these songs. It’s an energetic recording that emphasizes the variety and versatility of their sound. The EP’s first single, “Lovely Nuthin,” harkens back to 1960s doo-wop, a sound that is highly unique and very tricky to pin down. It’s a catchy song and one that is quickly becoming a live favourite.

Track two, “Swoon,” is more of a traditional classic punk-inspired song, with fuzzy guitars, some relentless riffs, and an infectious intensity. Finally, “New Broke City” is more of a thrash punk affair, with a fuzzy, guitar rock sound that offers a look at the group’s more frenetic, urgent side.

Simply put, you couldn’t find a better starter pack to introduce a band’s true essence than you can with Damn Jackals and Rivals.

Album artwork for the EP ‘Rivals’ by Damn Jackals