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Roses & Revolutions Premiere “Something Real” with Their Brand New Single

Indie duo Roses & Revolutions are baring their soul for you today with the premiere of their latest single “Something Real,” off their upcoming EP ‘Keep A Little Light On’ (Nettwerk).



If you’re seeking ‘something real’ then you’ve arrived right where you belong. Roses & Revolutions are baring their soul for you today with the premiere of their latest single “Something Real,” which you will find on their new six-song EP Keep A Little Light On when it is released on September 19th via Nettwerk.

This awesome indie duo has already been making their mark with the recent release of the EP’s lead single “Brightside of Me,” and now the momentum is building again after the frustration endured during multiple pandemic-related lockdowns. Left with no possibility of playing live, and limited opportunities to properly record, they took it upon themselves to look at new ways of making music, and traversing their negative experiences into something positive and rewarding.

Explaining the song to us and what it means to her, lead singer Alysa Coco says:

“‘Something Real’ is a song about unplugging from the world and experiencing something tangible. It’s about observing and really consuming the little treasures that we may miss when we have a screen in front of our faces. Instead of recording a video, to experience. This was one of those songs that just flowed out while sitting down at a piano.”

Coco and her partner in crime guitarist Matt Merric took an inventive approach to songwriting with this EP, recontextualizing the previous year as if it were a film. Each significant event was viewed as a scene that helped move the story forward, with the songs as a whole taking account of the ups and downs of life, and all that happens in between. As Coco and Merric see it, our lives proceed like films, where each hour could be a different scene. Our actions and reactions to daily events are what advance the story forward. You combine that narrative with glamorous hooks and enchanting melodies, and you have quite the listening experience on your hands.

Merric and Coco typically focus on the state when they write songs, but Keep a Little Light On was like imagining what a movie soundtrack of real life would sound like. Life is full of interesting events, no matter what you might think. It’s just nice to have artists like Roses & Revolutions who can make sense of it all for us.

Artwork for the single “Something Real” by Roses & Revolutions