New York-based queer singer-songwriter Jake Lancer unveils his new single, “Supernova,” an ’80s-laced electro-pop song about truth and self-love.

Jake explains, “Supernova” is “my galactic pop anthem that explores themes of truth and self-love in true theatrical form. With carousing verses and an enormous hook, I wanted to take my audience on an ’80s-inspired dance journey that is sure to make you twirl, sweat, and radiate your most authentic self. ‘Supernova’ is a love letter to the LGBTQIA+ community, my friends, and the people that continue to inspire me and my community to feel their greatest sense of pride.”

“Supernova” follows Jake’s debut EP, TAKE OFF!, which features “Paris” and “Feel Your Love.” The EP delves into fear, love, trauma, and joy, using his personal experiences as a canvas for creation.

Citing influences ranging from Lady Gaga, Abba, and David Bowie to Troye Sivan, Jake grew closeted yet a part of the LGBTQIA community while dreaming of creating pop music capable of inspiring and helping others to heal.

Now out and proud, Jake works as a mental health professional and therapist in New York City. Having studied mental health and musical theater at various well-regarded institutions and worked as a part of the music industry at Universal Music Group, Jake has translated his training and life experience into his music.

“Supernova” opens on shimmering sheens of color, flowing into a thrumming electro-pop tune riding a dance-pop rhythm. On the verses, low-slung, pulsing synths imbue the song with subtle nuances, followed by ramping up to thick washes of glittering textures on the chorus. Jake’s vocal scope extends from soft and slightly whispery to soaring, dreamy timbres.

Jake Lancer

Teeming with resonant dance-pop energy, “Supernova” conjures up luscious retro flavors atop a contagious rhythm, capped by the evocative voice of Jake Lancer.

Run Time: 2:48
Release Date: June 8, 2022
Record Label: Malfunction Records