Live music videos for the most part had to be shelved for the better part of two years, so the release of RODERIK’s new live “Save Me” video comes with even more satisfaction than it otherwise would. The video was shot at their recent show at the Amityville Music Hall, in Amityville, New York where the quartet mustered up all of the angst, energy, and explosiveness they possibly could for this special performance.

With live rock shows having recently returned to the norm, RODERIK’s combination of gripping breakdowns and heart-wrenching choruses are ideal for the live format. For a band that hasn’t had a lot of live practice, they quite effortlessly bring the house down in this new clip. They happened to form in the early part of the COVID-19 pandemic, which didn’t give them much opportunity to develop live chemistry, but you’d never know it from this electrifying performance.

In reference to the “Save Me” video, singer Jake Anthony Salazar saye:

“As our first single, ‘Save Me’ will always have a special place in my heart. I always felt like it deserved a music video to accompany it, but since it was released during the early stages of the pandemic, we didn’t have the capacity to do a video that we felt would do it justice. That’s why as soon as we booked our hometown debut, it was a no brainer to choose ‘Save Me’ as the song to film.

“I couldn’t be more proud of how this video came out. The night was electric and I think that can be seen by the crowd’s amazing energy throughout the video. Thank you so much to everybody who attended that night. We look forward to another hometown show, hopefully in the fall.”

RODERIK formed from the dissolution of multiple Long Island alternative/post-hardcore bands. When their respective acts ended, Salazar, along with guitarist Jay T. Sutherland, bassist David P.K., and drummer Danny Nugent decided to unite and recalibrate. They take their name from Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Fall of The House of Usher which adds a certain mysteriousness to them as a band. Their passionate lyrics, massive, sharp melodies, and moving choruses define the group’s songs.

As the frontman, Salazar has used the band as a platform for his dark, personal lyrics, inspired by his battle with depression and the influence that dark literature and cinematography have had on him in his life. With things a little more back to normal, RODERIK is ready to bring that intensity and emotion that’s been all bottled up inside these last two years.

Artwork for the single “Save Me” by RODERIK