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Letting Up Despite Great Faults Premiere Their Dreamy “She Spins” Music Video

Letting Up Despite Great Faults debut their music video for “She Spins,” a jangly, upbeat indie-pop affair that sounds like it’s from the vintage era of indie rock.



With springtime comes growth, and with growth comes renewal, which makes right now the perfect backdrop for the rebirth of Letting Up Despite Great Faults. Today we are helping to unveil the band’s brand new music video for “She Spins,” from their new full-length album IV, their first new record in eight years. A jangly, upbeat indie-pop affair, “She Spins” sounds like it’s from the vintage era of indie rock, but with the modern distinctions typical of today’s indie/shoegaze sound.

Led by the talents and charisma of frontman Mike Lee, IV was released in March, an appropriate timeframe considering the themes explored on the record. The album’s ten tracks explore themes of growth, loss, regret, and rejuvenation. It’s more of a personal record for Lee than the band’s previous outings, offering an appreciation for those close to you and greater recognition of our personal and collective mortality.

Commenting on the video shoot and how it relates to the song, Lee tells us:

“We worked with our favorite director Vanessa Pla for our favourite song off the album, ‘She Spins.’ Shot entirely on 16 mm, Vanessa helped us capture the hazy and fleeting feelings we all experience when it comes to love and jealousy and how we frame them in our memories.”

Musically, Lee wanted to shift the band’s focus to some degree on IV, leaning further away from the synths and filtering typical of modern shoegaze and indie pop. The record embraces more of a forward-leaning approach, with his vocals abundantly on display and Lee content to use them more front and center. The writing of IV required more of Lee than he’s ever had to give before because it required him to dig deeper personally, and really extract that inspiration he was looking for from specific life experiences. It’s a richer sounding record from a group of more experienced, seasoned musicians.

Joining Lee for the recording of IV were bassist Ken Zambrana, guitarist Annah Fisette, and drummer Daniel Schmidt. Fisette and Schmidt are more recent additions to the band, who came on board after Lee had moved his operations to Austin, Texas. A more profound, dreamier record, Lee is confident that his musical reinvention will appeal to original LUDGF fans, and reel in new listeners looking for some unique indie flavour.

IV Track Listing:

1. Kisses
2. Corners Pressed
3. Softly, Bravely
4. Gorgeous
5. New Ground
6. Gemini
7. She Spins
8. Tumble
9. Curl
10. Self-Portrait

Artwork for the album ‘IV’ by Letting Up Despite Great Faults