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Premiere: Plunge into “Infernal Purgatory” with AntiMozdeBeast’s Blasting New Single

Experimental and progressive, yet accessible and relatable; check out our premiere of AntiMozdeBeast’s new single “Infernal Purgatory” from his forthcoming album ‘Mother Earth.’



The word “noise” is often associated with negative connotations… unless it’s refined, well executed, and skillfully composed. Enter AntiMozdeBeast and his new single “Infernal Purgatory” from his forthcoming album Mother Earth.

The solo project of Florida-based artist Gabriel Palacio, AntiMozdeBeast brings together folk, rock, heavy metal, and electronic music under one roof, combining to put together some very harmonious noise that sounds like no other. Palacio’s intention with the project is to expose personal experiences of adversity and complex relationships of religious concepts, such as the idea of God, the relation between good and evil, and the afterlife. It’s experimental and progressive, yet accessible and relatable.

Palacio comments on the song, stating:

“‘Infernal Purgatory’ is the introductory track to Mother Earth. I incorporate lyrical poetry to the music and introduce the listener to the sound on the upcoming album!”

With a release date set for this Friday, June 3rd, Mother Earth is a spiritual experience that delves deep into human spirituality in a historical sense, as well as spirituality from a societal point of view. “Infernal Purgatory” is an appropriate introduction to Palacio’s complex layering of melodies, instruments, and spoken word parts. Balancing noise, heavy metal, and spoken word, the album is intense and chaotic, yet moody and raw.

There is a significant and noticeable classic industrial rock influence on the record, with inspiration taken from Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Skinny Puppy, and Cygnosic. Mother Earth promises to be a powerful listening experience, with a classic, yet modern feel. The album is sharp, bold, daring in some respects, and not afraid to wade into unchartered territories.

Artwork for the album ‘Mother Earth’ by Antimozdebeast