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Heartracer Premiere Their Poppy, Punchy New Single “Text Me Back”

In the mood for something upbeat, electronic, and maybe a bit retro-sounding? We got you covered with Heartracer’s brand new single, “Text Me Back.”



We got The Feel for something upbeat, electronic, and maybe a bit retro-sounding. You got anything? Well, actually, we got you covered with the release of the brand new Heartracer single “Text Me Back.”

This marks a comeback of sorts for the band, with The Feel their first new full-length record in eight years. They just recently completed work on the album, which will be a big batch of guitars, synths, and fond memories of musical generations gone by. Their songs are intentionally anthemic, inspired by the rock greats of the past, and the more new wave acts of the 1980s like Tears for Fears and Aha.

Regarding “Text Me Back,” Chip Cosby shares the following thoughts:

The Feel is our first album since In Flight was released back in 2013. The first single ‘Text Me Back’ is the centerpiece of the album in terms of its message and sonic nature. In many ways the vintage synths and anthemic nature people have come to expect of us is grander than ever but in many ways took a back seat to the story we wanted to tell. A story that only with a full-length LP we could tell. Many of these themes are ones that almost every human being dealt with during the pandemic are explored, and in particular that feeling of vulnerability makes this single and album very special to us.

“In the chorus Chris (Cosby) sings, ‘I used to know what you were going through love, I used to hold your hand when you were wide awake, we used to have something to talk about, now I don’t even know what I’m supposed to say.’ As a band we feel we really have now grown into a place where we finally have discovered what we want to say and this song and this album is it.”

Chris and Chip formed Heartracer several years ago in Richmond, Virginia, and named the project after a heart condition that Chris has dealt with for several years now. Chris was diagnosed with tachycardia which is a condition that causes the heart to beat at a very high rate, while also experiencing slowdowns at unexpected times. The condition has not slowed the band down in any way, with Heartracer continuing to write and perform at a high level, but it has certainly influenced the unit as a songwriting collective and how they approach their work.

It’s all worked out quite well for the band, as we eagerly anticipate the release of this long-awaited new record.

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Artwork for the single “Text Me Back” by Heartracer

Artwork for the album ‘The Feel’ by Heartracer