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Yify Zhang Premieres Her Atmospheric Single/Video “Puppet”

Yify Zhang reveals her new single and music video for, “Puppet,” a reflection on the stress/pressure of being in a romantic relationship one wants to leave.



Doing what’s best for you is almost never a bad decision, even if you have no idea what to do, or how to move forward. Just ask Yify Zhang who has some pretty defined opinions on the topic of her new single “Puppet.” Today, we are helping to unveil the official music video for the song, a reflection on the stress and pressure of being in a romantic relationship that you know you want to get out of, but you feel some level of obligation to stay for fear of letting the other person down, and also because it’s what you think others expect of you.

Through writing the song and fleshing it out in live performances, “Puppet” began to take on a larger meaning. It’s symbolic of a person rising to their full power, feeling confident with themselves and who they are, and above being concerned with the input or opinions of others. It’s about rising to the occasion, but this time for yourself.

With her own comments on the song and what it means to her, Zhang tells u:

“‘Puppet’ is an ode to an ongoing journey of honouring myself and my needs. For so many years I’d stayed in relationships even though they ate away at me and didn’t add anything meaningful to my life. I was afraid to leave out of the fear of feeling like a selfish and bad person. These recent years have been a journey around the theme of courage. Walking away when it is time to walk away, and doing so in a way that honours the other person as well. ‘Puppet’ is an anthem to this journey. I hope that listeners can relate it to their own experiences.”

Born in Beijing, Zhang moved to the United States in her early teen years and is now based in Austin, Texas. Learning violin and piano as a child, she thought she was on her way towards becoming a professional violinist until an injury to her spine in college made this no longer a feasible option. As a result, she instead focused on being more of a composer and songwriter, which only served to escalate her interest in writing music. Since 2015, songwriting has been Zhang’s primary endeavour, determined to blend atmospheric soundscapes with more personal songwriting.

She likes to view music as something of a healer, and that’s what Zhang hopes that you can identify with in her inspirational, emotional, and stirring songwriting touch.

Artwork for the single “Puppet” by Yify Zhang