Critically acclaimed retro-pop singer-songwriter Micah Edwards dives into 2022 head-first with his signature Texas Soul flare on “Jean Leon,” the title track from his upcoming album, on February 3rd. This track is a magnificent showcase of Edwards’ masterful songwriting abilities in which he brings a deeply personal story to life with a picturesque, throw-back-inspired soundscape. The inspiration for the track being the story of his parent’s marriage, the title, “Jean Leon,” is a combination of both their middle names.

The golden-voiced crooner immediately hooks listeners with the warmth of his angelic vocals; dressed with the boldness of a pristine brass section, the sparkle of a vintage electric guitar, and the subtleness of buttery keys, this track comes together perfectly atop a contagiously groovy bass line. Following his fall 2021 release, “Girl From The Valley,” which has already accumulated well over 100k Spotify streams, the artist’s music continues demanding the attention of listeners from all over.

The final version of “Jean Leon” came to fruition over the course of a few years. Edwards wrote the first version of the retro-pop track in honour of the resilience of his parents’ marriage after withstanding an instance of infidelity from his father. The inspiration came upon the songwriter when they managed to reconcile after approaching a breaking point; at first, “Jean Leon” was a celebratory love song honouring a powerful love.

The songwriter explains that “a few months later, [his] dad cheated again, and that’s when [his] mom officially left him.” The artist planned to permanently shelve the song following this hardship until a fresh wave of inspiration struck after re-discovering the first version of the song in the summer of 2020. He decided to rework it, painting “Jeon Leon” as the toxic love interest he sings to when in reality the Texas native is grappling with the personified representation of his parents’ dysfunctional relationship. Edwards reflected on this, ultimately concluding that the once celebratory “Jean Leon” now confronts the “dysfunctional expectations [he] had for marriage that [he’s] ready to hand over to Jesus.”

Cover art for “Jean Leon” by Micah Edwards