It’s a great big love affair today, and it’s being brought to you by Lovechild. The rockers are proudly unveiling their music video for “Know that You Love Me,” one of the key tracks off of their recently issued debut record, All You Need Is Lovechild. While much of the album is driven by energy, heavy riffs, and old-school rock n’ roll grandeur, “Know that You Love Me” is a change of pace; a more vulnerable, expansive look at the range of which this band is capable.

Shot in black and white to emphasize the song’s vintage feel, the video follows a love story, except this time, it’s not between two people, but instead between a man and his guitar. The arc is all there though; the initial falling hard in love, the frustration that follows, the breakup, and then the discovery of new love.

Some of the footage for the video was captured by frontman Leo Lovechild and his former roommate and close friend Pat Robinson when they went out one day to test out a new camera that Pat had just gotten. The footage ended up working really well with the song, and the urban tone of the song itself.

Elaborating on the footage that he shot with his friend Pat, Leo tells us:

“There was no real intention of making this video when Pat and I set out, but sometimes things just happen and you go with it. ‘Know that You Love Me’ always has had this kind of dreary sense of wandering for me, even though the lyrics are saying something that’s pretty direct and explicit, kind of like that feeling of being totally aimless, but totally ok with that aimlessness for a brief moment. So, I hope that all comes through in the video.”

All You Need is Lovechild is largely inspired by Leo’s experiences growing up in his native New York City. There’s certainly a mystique and a romance that characterizes the city, and Leo’s intention was to capture that in song. Completely self-produced, Leo literally spent years honing his skills and capabilities at writing, recording, and improving his skills as an instrumentalist. Some of the songs are romantic, others are aggressive, and some are melancholy. What they all share in common is an expression of the pursuit of everything that you strive for, that may be unattainable, but that you still try to reach out for.

The band’s initial goal was to make a “classic” rock album, one that would represent the genre’s past glory, while helping to drive it forward. With his honest approach, Lovechild has successfully poured his heart and soul into a record that will really resonate with listeners of all ages.

All You Need is Lovechild Track Listing:

1. Hats Off
2. Baby, Won’t You Pass Me the Light?
3. Ocean Hill
4. Sunshine
5. Costume Boxes
6. Know That You Love Me
7. 73
8. Happiness
9. I’m a Man

Artwork for the album ‘All You Need is Lovechild’ by Lovechild