Having announced the March 18th release date for the deluxe version of their self-titled album, metalcore progressives ERRA has shared the visualizer for its unexpected yet unforgettable cover of Muse’s “Stockholm Syndrome.”

“The first time I heard Muse’s ’Stockholm Syndrome,’ I thought, ’This song is begging to be covered by a metal band,’” shares guitarist and clean vocalist Jesse Cash about the impetus for choosing to interpret this song. “It has aggressive riffs, soaring vocals, keyboard arpeggios, and a big ending breakdown. It has all the necessary materials to be contextualized into an ERRA song.”

He continues, “The chromatic guitar octaves in the verses also left me a lot of room to play with some chromatic groove riffs in the style of Meshuggah. I realized as long as I maintained the root notes of those original octaves, I could kind of be as creative as I wanted during those verses. I also adjusted the original tuning from Drop D to Drop E and tuned the guitar down an entire octave to make the song low, heavy, and more akin to the range ERRA generally tunes in.”

Pre-order your copy of the Erra (Deluxe Edition) here. Read our review of the self-titled album here.

Artwork for ‘Erra’ by Erra

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