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Olive Vox Turns the Page to a New Chapter with Their “Middle Name” Music Video [Premiere]



At the age of 19, Parker James has more going for him than most people do twice or triple his age. A man of many endeavours, James is the frontman and creator of alternative/psychedelic rock band Olive Vox who are pleased to be unveiling their new visualizer video for “Middle Name,” the fourth single from their upcoming debut self-titled EP, due out on February 25th.

James, along with his brother Caden Shea, has created a vintage rock n’ roll sound that’s more advanced and progressive than you’d expect from young musicians just beginning to find their traction. They specialize in a sort of sludgy psychedelic sound that incorporates elements of 1960s and 1970s rock with the power and bravado of Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Stone Temple Pilots, and Temple of the Dog.

Telling us more about the new single, James explains:

“‘Middle Name’ is about new beginnings, a new chapter in someone’s life. The idea for the song came out of a bad experience with friends. It’s about getting a better point of view of things, a clearer perspective, finding yourself. The ‘sprout a tree for me’ is us… When you plant a tree it gets roots, grows and you’re planted a little firmer. When you do this you find freedom in it, your life and you’re finding out who you really are. ‘Middle Name’ is that thing that not everyone knows. They know your first and last name but not always your middle name. So you’re saying this is who I am… yep it’s my middle name.”

Based in Dallas, Parker James is a name that may already ring a bell thanks to the vast audience he has amassed as one of today’s most dynamic social media influencers. With over six million followers, James has become one of the most recognizable figures on TikTok, thanks to his family-friendly comedy character StEvEn.

James first started making videos at a young age for family and friends, who he was always able to get a laugh out of which motivated him to continue to create skits and routines. He has been featured in the Dallas Morning News, as well as on Good Morning America’s website, and has more recently begun doing work as a talent agent. There’s no denying though that music is his one great love, and he’s got the will and determination to make Olive Vox a household name.

Olive Vox Track Listing:

1. Bury Me Low
2. Sunflower
3. This Is My Home
4. Middle Name
5. Denial

Artwork for the single “Middle Name” by Olive Vox