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Lumberob Will Have You Singing and Dancing with His “BLESSENCE” Music Video [Premiere]

Matching the amusement and the tone of its accompanying single, the music video for Lumberob’s new song “BLESSENCE” can’t help but charm you.



Matching the amusement and the tone of its accompanying single, the music video for Lumberob’s new song “BLESSENCE” can’t help but charm you. Lighthearted, playful, and undoubtedly quirky, the video is an accurate representation of what Lumberob is all about, an artist not afraid to let his odd side reign free. The song is taken from his debut album Language Learner, an eclectic mix of electro-bounce art-pop that will be coming your way on January 29th via New York-based indie staple Shimmy-Disc.

As a loop artist, Lumberob is used to being inventive with his songwriting, with his sound rooted in improvised vocal phrase looping and skanky guitars, but Language Learner diversifies this sound, incorporating a healthy dose of synth bass and drum machines into the mix.

Describing the song in greater detail, Lumberob shares:

“‘BLESSENCE’ is a smooth little Lumberob jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. Structure is all suspension, waiting for the clarity of the lyric… I AM DANGER. There’s plenty to worry about. Shannon Plumb and I have made a lovely dance, an instructive dance showing how to move to the BLESSENCE groove. It is a smooth little jammer, stumbling heavy and sweet. It carves out your heart with its sharp edge. I AM DANGER.”

For anyone with knowledge of Lumberob, it would come as a surprise that he is just now getting to the release of his debut album. For over 15 years, he has been a force within the New York City performance art noise scene. His partner in crime is the producer Kramer, an association that extends back over two decades. As a collaborator, Kramer helps to add those little bits here and there throughout the mixing and mastering process that give the songs bounce. It’s dance music, but not of the overly pretentious variety you may hear at a nightclub.

Aside from Lumberob himself and Kramer, Language Learner features a number of global collaborators. David Mendez, Alicia Cigna, Ariel Solo, and Juan Jose Lopez all contributed to the recording sessions for the album that took place in Costa Rica. Additional recording occurred in Brooklyn which included Tobin Scroggings on guitar and Becca Stabile on vocals. In recording Language Learner, Lumberob used it as an exercise in genre discovery which has led him towards this eccentric approach that only he could pull off with such style and aplomb.

Artwork for the album ‘Language Learner’ by Lumberob