Electronically infused with just the right amount of oddball charm, Gene Wilder’s Vacation has begun to emerge in a big way with his recently released new single “I’m Not Better Than Anyone.” The bass-heavy track even features a special celebrity guest appearance from none other than actor and comedian Andy Dick. Dick makes his presence felt with his, let’s call it, masterful use of the slide whistle. It’s a truly impressive single that leans on the experimental side, while not coming across redundant or predictable, a trait quite common with a lot of electronic rock.

To help shine a light on this still-emerging artist, Gene Wilder’s Vacation has joined us today for a special session of Stereo Six in which he offers up six of his very favourites that helped shape his dynamically original sound.

1. Sleigh Bells – “Crown On The Ground” (2010, Mom+Pop, N.E.E.T. Recordings)

“The keys/synth and guitar sound like what my brain hears since I was 3 years old. They’re a mix of two of my favourite genres, noise and pop. They’re based out of Brooklyn, New York and include former Poison The Well guitarist Derek Miller. Derek played guitar on two of my favourite Poison The Well records, The Opposite of December…A Season of Separation and Tear From the Red. Another two big influences of mine”

2. Idiot Pilot – “To Buy a Gun” and “A Day in the Life of a Poolshark” (2005, Clickpop Records)

“Both songs have beautiful melodies meshed with the perfect amount of noise. They both sound like if my brain was a computer, then smashing the computer on pavement. Their unique mix of electronic, pop, and noise has been a huge influence.”

Artwork for the albums Gene Wilder’s Vacation lists in this Stereo Six

3. Boys Night Out – Make Yourself Sick (2003, Ferret Music)

“The album title says it all. The entire album is a brilliant mix of getting your face punched in while puking and smiling at the same time. My favourite part of the entire record, is the gang vocal chant singing at the end of ‘I Was the Devil for One Afternoon’ where the singer Connor Lovat-Fraser ends the song smiling while singing ‘I ruined everything for you.’”

4. Funeral For a Friend – “Rookie of The Year” (2003, East West Records UK Ltd)

“I will always love metal and will always love pop punk, and everyone tries to combine both genres. These guys do it the best in this song. The flow of the heavy to pretty clean guitar parts in the verses are perfect, and so is the slow but epic poppy lead guitar at the end. I always feel 10 percent better anytime I hear this song.”

5. Butthole Surfers – “Pepper” (1996, Capitol Records)

“When I first heard this song off Electriclarryland in 1996 I was fascinated by the ‘lazy’ and ‘tired’ sounding talking verses and the introduction of the sitar in the chorus in a genre like this. It makes you instantly feel stoned which most artists always try to achieve but usually don’t. This song has always been an influence in my music.”

6. Fear Before – “Get Your Life Together” (2008, Equal Vision)

“‘Get Your Life Together’ by Fear Before (formerly Fear Before The March of Flames) off their self-titled 2008 release. One of my favourite lyrics of all time is in this song. ‘I’ve still got my eyeballs, ten fingers and toes.’ Thank you, Fear Before. All their albums have been a big influence of mine. Lyrically and musically. I’ve always been a fan of noise and weird experimental anything. In my opinion, they have always stood out in the experimental rock genre.”

Artwork for the single “I’m Not Better Than Anyone” feat. Andy Dick by Gene Wilder’s Vacation

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