Fresh off the release of her brand new album, indie pop artist Jeen is ready to take a bite out of you. A project that began with the intention of writing and recording an EP quickly turned into a much more expansive endeavour. Fast-forward to the present, and the Toronto-based Jeen has an eleven-track full-length for you to embrace and enjoy. Amongst the eleven tracks found on Dog Bite is a cover of “Inner Self,” off of legendary metallers Sepultura’s 1989 record Beneath the Remains. The album was predominantly recorded while Jeen demoed songs at home, as well as at Pro Gold Studios, where she got in some quick recording sessions before the pandemic lockdown took hold of our lives.

With its themes of isolation, desire for connection, and the want for more, you may assume that this is a record that was written in response to the pandemic. While it certainly had some influence, as previously mentioned, most of Dog Bite was devised before the lockdown hit. Co-produced with fellow bandmate Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, C’mon, Future Now), this is a very introspective set of songs, with a lot of self-reflection that speaks to the place where Jeen is at, both spiritually and emotionally.

Speaking of looking inward, nothing gets the mind going quite like the wide, wonderful world of dope. In our latest High Huddle, we spoke to Jeen about where pot is situated within her life, her preferences, and how it helps her become a better musician.

Weed, hash, sess, hydro, oil… what is your chronic tonic of choice?

Jeen: “Currently oils, capsules and pre-rolls.”

Do you have a preferred time of day to smoke and, if so, when and why?

“I have a medical marijuana prescription for anxiety/depression/panic attacks so I use it throughout the day to help keep things in check. I start with a stronger CBD oil and a lower dose THC capsule in the mornings and gradually increase.”

To what end do you consume chronic? Mellowing out, getting creative, eating a truckload of munchies, hitting the gym, spending time with your mom? (All of the above?)

“It generally just makes me a nicer person so I would say all of the above. I had to stop drinking over a decade ago and I’m a bit of a nervous wreck by nature so it calms me down. I’m definitely my own worst enemy and I find it helps keep my perspective in a better direction. I’m less self-destructive, better focused to write, and it keeps my lows from bottoming out.”

Do you have a personal favourite strain to a. ingest, or, if applicable, b. to grow?

“I like trying different stuff but my medical supplier is Redecan and I love their outlaw strain pre-rolls and all their oils.”

High Huddle: Indie Artist JEEN on Redecan, Pre-Rolls, Oils, and Her Affinity for Cannabis

How do you get your ganja; Dispensary, bud-buddy, government (yes, some countries sell it direct), self-grown? Maybe you have a range of options? Share!

“Medical prescription via Redecan, for the most part, these days. I tried some other companies but found Redecan to be the most reliable/consistent for price and quality. Also, I think they are one of the few companies left that are still Canadian-owned.”

Do you deal with edibles and, if so, give us some deets on what you’re into.

“I love edibles. Been using capsules lately because they are a bit more economical than candy/food/drinks. I’ve also found the legal edibles in Canada to be pretty expensive, especially considering the THC cap is on the lower end.”

How do marijuana and your form of music jive for you?

“It really helps me write. I’ve been writing a lot lately and I think weed has been a real asset in writing back-to-back albums. I also think it can make you a more discerning listener sometimes. Like if it sounds lame after you’ve smoked a joint you know you have to start over (laughs).”

How high is too high, or is there a “too high?”

“(laughs) There’s definitely a too high for ALL of the drugs, in my opinion. But yeah, I like to be productive so I’ve worked out the balance. That’s probably the key I guess (unless you prefer being too high)…just knowing where your boundaries are.”

Do you think pot is a gateway drug?

“I think all drugs are gateway drugs if you just want to get out of your head permanently. I mean some people are just wired to become heavier drug users or alcoholics. I’m not sure you can blame any drug for that, there’s just a lot of broken people out there looking for a way out.”

Sativa or Indica or both mixed together in a blender?

“I don’t know, hard to say. Everything I use is such a mix so I guess I’d say hybrid if I had to pick one. In some cases, I find it hard to tell so I usually just pay more attention to strains I like.”

1If you smoke dope doobs, do you roll with a filter, and why/why not? What about mixing with tobacco, a sin or sinfully good?

“I quit tobacco years ago so I use the Redecan pre-rolls pretty exclusively for smoking. It is almost impossible to find a pre-roll that’s straight like a cigarette in Canada (which I prefer, also significant-sized filter) so they have me sold. But if I miss anything it’s hash and tobacco.”

Artwork for the album ‘Dog Bite’ by JEEN

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