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Little Us Rank Their Top 10 Bands that Found Success Young

Supporting their recent Famined Records single, “Another Day,” which conjoins big thick hooks, dynamic guitars, and a memorable melody, budding band Little Us join us for a Top 10 list of groups that managed to find success at a young age.



One of the best times for a musical group is when they still have time to learn and grow, before the phase where they become more assertive and set in their ways. Little Us is still in that former stage, four young men just beginning to etch out the path on which their musical journey is about to take them. Featuring members all between the ages of 17 and 22, the band recently released their fiery new single “Another Day,” a song locked, loaded, and ready for stadium-sized audiences.

Released via Famined Records, “Another Day” conjoins big thick hooks, dynamic guitars, and a memorable melody, all greatly inspired by the hard and melodic rock of the present and past. “Another Day,” in particular, merges the catchy arrangements of 1980s rock with the charm and charisma of modern-day acts that have helped pave the way for Little Us.

Finding success at a young age in an industry meant to dominate you is no easy feat, but Little Us have been able to pull it off with relative ease. We recently connected with the group for our latest Top 10 list with Little Us outlining ten bands that managed to find success at a young age and continue to grow and evolve.

1. Until I Wake

“These guys have been on a lot of our personal playlists because they are a younger up and coming band that knows how to write high energy rock songs. One of their songs in particular called ‘Self Medicated’ has been a favourite of ours because it is a perfect balance of melody, heaviness, catchiness and overall power. They nail the song writing in terms of dynamic instrumentation and really influenced our perception of hard hitting drums, massive guitars, and memorable vocals.”

2. Boys of Fall

“Another band we find ourselves singing along to and headbanging with is Boys of Fall. Their engaging vocal parts bounce off each other in a spectrum of high to low with some screams in-between, and their tight and catchy instrumental arrangements tie their sound together perfectly. We also appreciate the fact that they have the word ‘boys’ in their name making it a safe bet they’re on the youthful side. This part of them comes through in their tone and style keeping them relatable with familiar topics to us such as love and heartache.”

3. Vanish

“Vanish is one of those bands that creates killer music with a unique sound. Right off the bat, you can hear their vocalist has that post-hardcore Kellin Quinn/Kyle Hollis sounding voice. They’re able to incorporate it perfectly with their heavy but ambient instrumentation and in their more recent release ‘Kerosene,’ a crossover R&B vibe. We take inspiration from the fact that they’re not afraid to try different blends of genre.”

Artwork for ‘Another Day’ by Little Us


“We love the way this artist is unapologetically weird because he reminds us to unleash the truest forms of ourselves. Through him we realized we shouldn’t censor any part of who we are because being genuine is something that you can just feel. This is why our Instagram Live-streams tend to go off the rails a bit along with some other aspects of our lives. Becoming comfortable enough with ourselves has allowed us to tap into our variety of influences and blend the lines between genres as many of our favourite artists have done.”

5. Awaken I Am

“We were actually introduced to this band’s music when we were offered one of the opening slots to a tour they were a part of. Not only does their music hit hard with emotion, their live performance was an absolute blast to watch. At the time we were somewhat new to performing in the venue setting and they were the ones to show us what a rock performance should look like. That’s when we realized that people attend live shows to hear solid music, but also to see an entertaining, emotional performance. Ever since then, we’ve performed with the intention of creating meaningful connection with the audience while delivering a show they won’t forget.”

6. Speech Patterns

“Driving forces don’t always have to come from chops or drums, this is the case in some of Speech Pattern’s masterpieces. The emphasis on vocal melodies throughout a song, driven by memorable lyrics as well as powerful octave/harmonies really hits home for us as an influence in parts of our songs. They do a terrific job with incorporating these vocal parts with the massive ambient vibes felt from their instrumentals, which we strive for in our own verses and bridges. These instrumentals are beautifully well rounded, and the drums fill the remaining spaces perfectly.”

7. Thousand Below

“Thousand Below has a distinct sound that always shines through every release. We admire them for their ability to be current with the evolving modern sound especially because they’ve managed to stay consistent to their own fundamental sound. They are one of the bands that make us want to keep it fresh but with the same Little Us style harmonies, melodic riffs, rhythmic guitars, etc. We always aim to be original while stay true to our true sound.”

8. Slaves

“One of our great modern influences has been Slaves. They do a terrific job of creating such a great atmosphere and vibe in their music, prioritizing emotion and a bit of ambience in their verses. Creating space in the first verse allows them to amplify this emotion in the second, by further adding to what they had built before which is often how we approach our verses. Their choruses hit home for us most because of the catchy vocals and impactful instrumentals. One thing to take note of is the great rhythmic diversity you can hear from their drums.”

9. Boston Manor

“There’s a special place in our hearts for this band because of the way they’ve impacted our thought process in structuring a song. They have a distinct creativity that’s inspired us to tell a story with our lyrics and let our sometimes raw emotions flow into the writing and recording process. Their interesting lyrics are complemented by the fact that they allow themselves the space for an emotional instrumental part to sink in which we have always admired.”

10. Spiritbox

“A newer influence you can find on our personal playlists is Spiritbox. We love the hard-hitting energy they bring with their chops, and often end up headbanging and jamming out throughout their songs. The intricate, heavy breakdowns really show their talent in writing, and often we look to this when writing our own breakdowns. It’s important to us to keep the emotion running through a breakdown while retaining the technicality in the instrumentals.”

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