There’s an Avian Invasion coming, and it’s arriving in the form of an EDM explosion for your mind and your ears. Seattle-based producer Avian Invasion is ushering in The Procedural Generation with his brand-new EP; four new EDM bangers that are both entrancing and intoxicating. It features acid-drenched synths with hard-driving beats, plus a relentless propulsive energy that couldn’t be more ideal for the mass reopening of clubs.

Combining intensity, relentlessness, and lots of soul, the new EP is a much-needed reminder of what the strength and power of a mainstage subwoofer feels like when it hits you so hard that it knocks you a step backwards. Contemporary in nature, The Procedural Generation is meant to inspire; a few tracks intended to get you moving, and expunging that anxiety from your system as best as you can.

With some words on what The Procedural Generation means to him, Avian Invasion shares, “The term ‘procedural generation’ usually refers to algorithms or the way Netflix writes movies, but to me, it describes those of us that grew up in a world where every aspect of our lives is computerized, tagged, and compiled into an app. I wanted to bring some funk to the fans of progressive house, to add some whimsy to the typically darker grooves. These songs are as much about enjoying each other’s company as they are about enjoying the music. Go find your favourite replicant and dance with them.”

You would think a global pandemic would be the undoing of an EDM artist who relies heavily on live audiences, but it hasn’t been the case to any extent when it comes to Avian Invasion. He used the free time to his advantage, learning new techniques, discovering new sounds, and streaming weekly DJ sets. Avian Invasion already had a well-established history of highly entertaining livestream DJ sets, which allowed him to continue practising and honing his craft while all the clubs were closed.

The time away from the club also allowed him to recalibrate his approach to the music, with much greater attention being pointed towards the listening experience, rather than the dancefloor experience. This new EP is more about subtle textures, and less about those moments of explosiveness meant to make a crowd go wild. Not to fear, though, there are also instances of unmistakable dancefloor euphoria. It’s music meant to satisfy, as you dance and sweat all the worries away without a care in the world.

Artwork for ‘The Procedural Generation’ by Avian Invasion