When it comes to bands getting their start and finding their way, it’s usually a tough slog that can last for years. And while it hasn’t necessarily been easy, Raleigh, North Carolina’s High Shores have bucked that trend, racking up significant success off of a mere three singles. From that trio of tunes, the band has accumulated an outstanding 160,000 Spotify streams, off not much more than word of mouth. The time has come for single number four, titled “Let Me Down,” a synth-powered, hook-laden affair bringing together a dynamic electronic rock sound with the vibrant pop vocals of lead singer Amanda Timothy.

Timothy and drummer Kayla Wimert founded the band, two friends who shared a lot of the same musical interests. The duo became a trio with the addition of guitarist and keyboardist Carter Harris, an immensely talented young man who has helped innovate that driving, distorted guitar sound that the band is now becoming known for.

As two young, inspired women quickly making a name for themselves, it seemed all too ideal to catch up with Timothy and Wimert for our latest Women of Rock feature. Read on as the two break down five of the most significant female musical influences that have had a meaningful effect on them as artists.

1. Hayley Williams

“I first heard Paramore in 2007. I would sing Paramore songs over and over until I could hit every note. Listening to her voice and seeing her rock out on stage, I instantly knew that’s what I wanted to do. I bought a voice lesson DVD set because it was by her vocal coach. I sometimes get compared to Hayley, and it’s the biggest compliment I can ever get in my eyes. She’s also helped me with my depression/anxiety after ending a ten-year relationship. She had shared her story around the same time that I was going through it. I guess she helped me in a way. And that’s precisely what I hope to be for someone someday. Letting them know they aren’t alone.” (Amanda Timothy)

2. Christina Aguilera

“I danced and sang ‘What a Girl Wants’ in my sixth-grade talent show with a couple of my friends. The strength of her voice still blows me away to this day. She was a significant motivator in working on the power and projection of my voice. I will also always feel a strong connection between her and the beginning of my performance career.” (Amanda)

Artwork for ‘Let Me Down’ by High Shores

3. Taylor Jardine

“This one is a more recent inspiration for me and one of High Shores’ biggest inspirations. I loved We Are the In Crowd the second I heard them. They were unique with two singers, which opened my eyes to more experimentation in music and how anything can work. But WATIC isn’t the band that pushed me to start High Shores with Amanda. It was Taylor’s solo project Sainte. It was the mix of guitars and ‘80s pop elements that had me brainstorming about incorporating these sounds into something new and original. Hence, High Shores was born.” (Kayla Wimert)

4. Jess Bowen

“I first heard of the band The Summer Set when I was starting to pursue the band thing. I remember being absolutely blown away that she was the drummer and as well as LGBTQ+. It was a moment that made me feel like I wasn’t the only one. I actually did a drumming workshop with her on one Warped Tour, and it was life changing. Just the grooves and fills she played totally change the game for my drumming style.” (Kayla)

5. Skye Sweetnam

“I was a teenager when I randomly stumbled across her. She just released her debut album, and I was intrigued. Skye has crazy dynamics in her voice. She can switch keys at the drop of a hat and has a crazy range while still having so much personality in her voice. She is currently in a metal band, further showing the variety and power of her vocals and stage presence.” (Kayla)


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