LA singer-songwriter Max Embers released his latest single and music video “got to get you” on June 4. Written only a few days after his previous single, “wildest dreams,” the new track reflects a different facet of the same topics; an overarching theme of introspection and soul-searching. These two releases serve as the teasers to Embers’ upcoming EP, idyllwild, which was entirely sparked during a solo writing retreat in Idyllwild, CA.

Upon first glance, the song’s title may lead one to expect lyrics about wanting a relationship. However, Embers admits that the message is actually derived from the feeling of the never-ending process of getting to know yourself. “I’ve spent hours philosophizing about what it means to settle into yourself as you get older,” says Embers. “Coming closer and closer to the version of you that feels most authentic and real.” The song references everything Embers – and many others – discover in life: love, fulfillment, success, and escapes from reality.

Deep in his journey of self-reflection and introspection, Embers felt that the words and ideas for “got to get you” flowed directly to him. “The idea, with a willpower of its own, chooses its creative partner when it feels that it has found someone who’s ready to work with it,” says Embers. Like many artists, the liveliness of LA can encourage them in their craft, but it can also hinder their creative energy. “In Idyllwild, this was different,” says Embers. “I had ideas popping into my head constantly and “got to get you” was one of them.”

Embers’ enticing voice paired with lyrical melodies that refresh the listener’s ear create a song that is not only thought-provoking but also an easy, encouraging listen. The message of “got to get you” will always be undeniably relevant. Embers proudly admits that he isn’t close to finding himself – and he fully expects to continue his journey of self-exploration for many, many years to come. “I don’t want to be done exploring myself or life as a whole – until it’s all done!” The single will be paired with a music video to continue Embers’ visual representations of each song from the idyllwild EP. The video will feature the same diary style and themes as “wildest dreams,” but with a darker feel from nighttime footage. Fans can stream and watch “got to get you” on all major platforms.

Cover art for “got to get you” by Max Embers