It’s time to pump up that energy! It’s time to get happy! It’s time to rock out! That’s because Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs are back with their brand new music video for “What This City Needs.” This isn’t just any old, paint-by-numbers music video though; it’s a very special live performance, session video that comes as part of the LootBag Live Sessions.

If you need a primer, LootBag Records has started an off-the-floor live session series that is dedicated to featuring some of the best and most exciting emerging acts in the city of Toronto. The video was recorded live at DIY basement studio Lootbag Records, with Coffey and his band just the latest act to strut their stuff in this very cool space. Some of the other acts that have been featured as part of the LootBag Live Sessions include Bad Waitress, Joncro, and Wine Lips.

“What This City Needs” can be found on Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs’ latest studio album Real One, scheduled for release on February 19th via Dine Alone Records. The single follows up the recent release of “Gates of Heaven,” with both songs showing the band’s flair for addictive power pop. This is the type of sound that is intended for a live space, which makes it such a shame that the band can’t currently go out there and connect with their loving fanbase.

Speaking of, you know what, “What This City Needs” touches on an indirect, but important effect of the current global pandemic. As Coffey explains, “This came out of a despondent sense I have that the city I live in hates poor people. It’s never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s a provincial-wide order to stay home, yet bylaw officers are tearing down encampments in parks where our neighbours are staying to ride this out. I get there are no easy answers… But how can people stay home, when they don’t have a home to stay in?”

Time passes quickly, since it’s already been three years since the release of Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs’ glorious self-titled debut full-length. The album was a massive breakthrough for the band, as it helped them achieve great commercial success, both across Canada and from the international music press. To get the best out of them for their sophomore effort, the band enlisted the help of producer Kevin Ratterman, who has made stars out of White Reaper, My Morning Jacket, and Strands of Oak.

Through eleven brand new tracks, Real One shows itself to be an ambitious affair, complete with bombastic vocals, broad piano, scintillating saxophone, and of course, thunderous guitars. Throughout Real One, Coffey delves into different voices and tones, and the album dances its way through a myriad of different sounds. You’ll find arena rock ready tracks like “Back With The Gang,” slow burning ballads such as “Gates Of Heaven,” and Thin Lizzy-like barnstormers like “She Knows.”

Delicate yet punishing, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs have taken the next step with Real One, closing the gap on their way to rock’s royalty.

Artwork for ‘Real One’ by Sam Coffey