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Surrender to David Jane and His “Velvet Queen” Music Video [Premiere]



Welcome to today. You’re going to view the very special premiere of singer-songwriter David Jane’s brand new music video for his single “Velvet Queen.” This is the debut track from Jane’s latest EP, Welcome To Today, which he impressively released independently this past December. “Velvet Queen” is indicative of the taste and the flavour of what you get on the EP, a laid-back approach that focuses on feeling and emotion, over pomp and circumstance.

A relaxing adventure through acoustic pop-rock, Jane made sure to pay his respects to his heroes throughout Welcome To Today’s five tracks. There’s a delicate beauty to these songs that summon memories of the great singer-songwriter artists of yesteryear. Listening through the record, you may think of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, or Joni Mitchell, you know, music that made you feel something.

Here to tell us more about the new video is Jane who stated, “‘Velvet Queen’ is the first single from my brand new EP, Welcome to Today. The song is very much about connection and the difficulties that come with it. It’s about capturing a moment in which both parties are entirely present. I feel like everyone lives in their own worlds, in their own minds, and in order to truly connect with someone you sort of have to transcend the boundaries you put around these internalized worlds, and open yourself up to someone else. Of course, to give yourself up to someone like this requires a symbiotic trust that the other person will be there with you and trust can be a frightening thing, especially if it’s betrayed you in the past. The song is very much about this struggle in all its difficulties, and potentially, its beauty when overcome.

Due to COVID-19, we really wanted to keep the sets and crew as simple as possible and limit close interaction to the best of our abilities, so we decided to portray the above-mentioned themes through evocative images and surreal concepts, delving more into the abstract. Our DOP and VFX man, Kenny Maclaughlin played a huge role in bringing these images to life, especially in the post-production.”

Growing up north of Toronto, Jane got the songwriting itch relatively late. It wasn’t until he was living in a university dorm room at 19 years of age that he really made the decision to be a songwriter. After listening to Bob Dylan’s Desolation Row, a lightbulb when off in the young man’s head and it occurred to him that his future was as a songwriter. After that, most of his day was spent learning the songs of Dylan in particular, but also The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and more from that era. Since that time, everything, including academics (even though he maintained a high GPA) has taken a backseat for Jane. His growth as a songwriter has been undeniable, as he has managed to write about 75 songs in the last year-and-a-half, all in a multitude of genres, including indie, traditional rock, laid back pop, R&B, and country.

It doesn’t matter what the genre is, all that really matters is whether it’s a good song where there’s something to engage with. Jane understands this and with honesty and sheer raw talent, he’s intent on becoming one of the industry’s most dynamic songwriters.

Artwork for ‘Welcome To Today’ by David Jane