Winnipeg three-piece Tunic smashes and writhes and screams their way through bristling, jagged tunes with infectious joy and a practiced, surgical hand. Their post-hardcore, mathy brand of punk rock walks the line between garage chaos and studio perfection and fits snugly into the pocket they’ve carved out for themselves in the bedrock of Canadian punk. With a new full-length due out in April via Artoffact Records, Tunic is offering the title-track, “Exhaling,” as a free song download. The tune barely leaves room for breathing, but I don’t think Tunic fans are complaining.

On the snappy effort, the band dish: “‘Exhaling’ is about depression and constantly feeling defeated by your mental health. It’s the depression you feel when you’re on week nine of an eleven-week tour and you start to doubt every choice you’ve made, tensions are high and arguments erupt just from pure exhaustion.”

The scintillating tune screams along for less than two minutes but manages to pack a whole lot of punch into that tight runtime. The dissonant guitar stands front and center while distraught vocal lines and thundering drum work round out the aural assault. If you’re a Tunic fan, you’ll love it. If you’re soon to be a Tunic fan, you’ll love it; there are no other options.

Artwork for “Exhaling” by Tunic